Huh. That move usually works? Grab the face and throw it? VERY, very strange how it did not work this time — I’d blame it more on some weird one-time circumstance than the actual move. The actual move is GOOD. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. I just did a little comment-related Googling, and boy howdy are there a lot more dance battle movies than I realized. I’m completely bewildered as I type this.

    • …And I have seen almost all of them (I really love watching people dance!). They all have pretty much exactly the same plot, so I think they can be counted as one movie.

  2. Smack Up 2 Ur Face

  3. And they were both doing so well before that happened

  4. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to do that (always) and found an excuse.

  5. GUY: I just don’t understand how pro wrestlers can survive all of that crazy stuff. They must break their necks all the time and we just don’t hear about it!

    DUDE: Dude, wrestling is fake. It’s all choreographed.

    GUY: What do you mean, choreographed?

    DUDE: They plan it all out, like dance moves.

    GUY: Ohhhhh!

    Then, later, THIS happened.

  6. she fell like a board

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