“What did you do at work today, honey?” “Oh, just a little thing called…learned how to say spaghetti!” “NO!” “Yep!” “And you can say it now?” “Yup, just did, and I’ll say it again — spaghetti.” “Oh my god, congratulations, that is so great!” “Thank you!” “I’m going to go pick up a bottle of champagne!” “Ahhh!” (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. I don’t have ovaries, so I’m really wondering what it was that just exploded inside of me.

  2. Meanwhile, the pasta is overdone. The dangers of being distracted by cuteness while cooking.

  3. How can she not even say pasghetti! F for her! No…I can’t give her an F…that face….

  4. I want to be a kid again, but with my adult brain. I would have so much fun AND creep everyone out with my abnormal precociousness.

    • “Why yes, mother, the spaghetti is delicious. I have to say, however, that I prefer a heartier pasta with cream-based sauces. Some farfalle, perhaps, or a nice cavatappi.” *sips juice*

    • I fear if I was a kid with my adult brain, I would either be miserable because I knew what was coming next, and/or I would be an insufferable asshole: “Algebra? Whatever, I don’t need that…”

  5. It gets less cute when you realize that before turning the camera on, her mother told her that she wasn’t allowed to eat any food she couldn’t pronounce and the rest of the family was having spaghetti that night, regardless.

  6. Aww! I loved that the girl was clearly not convinced that learning how to say ‘spaghetti’ is a worthwhile endeavor but willing to indulge the adults anyway.

  7. Literally every time I hear about baby achievements, some voice in my head always says, “Big deal, I can do that.”

  8. Oh, mom. You’re such a cunt.

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