• Jenny Slate and Nick Kroll are the guests on today’s episode of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast, on which they speak a bit about this week’s Kroll Show premiere, and it is just a delight. (Photo via.) -Earwolf
  • In case you aren’t sick of the 2014 Golden Globes yet (and who could be?), here is a slideshow of all the pretty ladies in their pretty dresses. -Dlisted
  • If you missed the first two episodes of Girls because you don’t have HBO, you don’t have to download them illegally! You can watch them online! -HBO
  • The White House has responded to a petition to cancel Jimmy Kimmel Live. “We don’t do things like this,” said the White House, “Do you think Gilmore Girls would still not be on Netflix if we could? Please stop asking.” JK. They said something else! -Splitsider
  • It seems that Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are working on a play together. -/Film
  • Armond White has been expelled from the New York Film Critics Circle. -NYTimes
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  1. Ummm…Hermione Granger ROCKED IT on that carpet and I do not agree that she had a reverse mullet, but if she had sported said mullet, she would have ROCKED IT as well. #emmawatsonisgorgeous #shecandonowrong

  2. It’s based on our names.

  3. I love Jenny Slate she is such a delight. I was relisteing to her on the KHOLE ( Kurt Brounoler also the best) and she is sooooo great. Nick kroll also great.

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