This is what it is. You chose to log on. That’s your bad. (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. This is the grossest thing that I have ever seen on the Internet.

    • Sounds like a dare to me.

      • Those rotating hot dog things freak me out and are greasy and old and smelly and under heat lamps for god knows how long… not to mention everything that is used to create them and the implied awfulness of factory farming, etc. Those hot dogs are honestly just super duper gross and make me shudder. Then add in the novelty of some brain trust of an employee screwing around with the hot dog and adding that specific song and uploading it to the Internet adds a level of extra gross.

        Obviously there are grosser things but this made me shudder… which is why Kelly’s tag of “personal choices” is extra wonderful.

        • Having worked food service for so many years, this actually strikes me as exactly what a reasonable person in a nightmare of a job does with their time. I guess what I mean is let he who has never seen if they could stack stale waffle cones all the way to the ceiling cast the first stone…

  2. It’s fun to imagine that the one hot dog just scored the game-winning touchdown and is being carried off the field in triumph by his teammates. It’s also fun to imagine eating a bunch of hot dogs.

  3. How does it end???

  4. This just made me laugh and laugh. Thank you, Kelly.

  5. I had a hot dog for lunch! Maybe it was that one!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  6. Chris Christie should conclude his next press conference by singing this chorus and doing a vague cabbage-patch-like gesture with his fists.

  7. Every time I see those rollin’ dogs, I think of two things:

    1) Gross.

    2) The cold night when I was 21 and super drunk and separated from my friends and wandering a strange Pennsylvania town at 3am, and happened upon the only open business — a 24-hour mart that sold these things for 50 cents. I had a total of $1 with me and it was the best $1 I ever spent, until the day I was 27 in Mexico.

    • Drunk food is the best food when you’re drunk. I strongly advise you never try drunk food sober. For some reason, ham & mayo vending machine sandwiches were NOT delicious when I had all of my brain cells working.

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