Thank you, dog! We do deserve a few extra minutes of sleep. And –oh, what’s that? We also deserve a bedside table to put our alarm clock on, like an adult? Especially if we’re going to have it right next to the dog bed? You think that would probably solve the problem? Unless we want you, the dog, to hit the snooze for us every morning, in which case that seems a fine plan but for us, but maybe we should think of you, the dog, or we should at the very least think of setting our alarm to the radio if that’s possible, because that buzzing is just a nightmare? Oh, buddy. One thing at a time, little man! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Man’s best friend indeed!

  2. I set 3 different alarm tones this morning because i was afraid the Harp wouldn’t wake me up so much earlier then i normally arise. Woke up so startled to the other ones, it was very unpleasant.

  3. With the new Iphone OS all you have to do to put your alarm to sleep is just tap the screen. Way easier than before, which means most of the time I sleep through at least 5 alarms before dragging my ass up. I really don’t need a dog to oversleep, but I’d like one.

  4. That dog would get all the treats. After I wake up, which would be never. Sorry doggie.

  5. What a treat! I’ve seen lots of imitators, but this is the original dog turning off alarm clock.

  6. I’m such a light sleeper, that overhead lamp would keep me up all night. I don’t know how it happened, but I literally need total darkness and silence in order to get any rest. Dorm and apartment living was basically 8 years of hell for me.

  7. My guy wakes me up to turn off the alarm for him, but did turn it off when it was not my phone. He couldn’t be more of my son if he was a human boy.

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