Since taking the majority of the content and visuals of his short film “Howard Cantour” from cartoonist Daniel Clowes’s Justin M. Damiano, passing them off as his own, and being found out the moment the film was released on-line, Shia LaBeouf (former actor) has been not doing so well. Sources say that his brain seems bad and his friends and family or, at the very least, those whose livelihoods depend on his wellness, should maybe check on him. The drama of former actor and Twitter user Shia LaBeouf came to a head today when LaBeouf made the binding and permanent announcement that he has retired from all public life, calling his followers to #stopcreating. While it is unfortunate in some cases that pronouncements of retirement made on Twitter are now enforced by law, we must trust that it is for the best, and understand that LaBeouf must adhere to the rule. Shia LaBeouf, former actor, is now just a man. What will the man do now? Well, we don’t know, and we won’t know. That is the beauty of being merely a man. Maybe he will go grocery shopping? Maybe he will take a shower. Maybe he will mow the lawn. It will be a beautiful life, in its way, but certainly one of which we will have no knowledge. (Via Twitter.)

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  1. But… one has to have started creating at some point in order to stop creating.

  2. “Where’s the Beef?” -Us in about a week

  3. As someone who had to confront a senior employee regarding plagerism, I am SO happy to see him get nailed for this. Trying to pass off someone else’s creative work as your own pisses me right off, especially when it is as blatent as this. I’ve got no sympathy for the kid.

    • I have some friends who work in academia or have spent hundreds of years getting useless advanced degrees, and the stories they tell me of plagiarism going unpunished are infuriating.

      My favorite is the girl who got out of it by explaining that they didn’t have plagiarism in her country. So Columbia explained what plagiarism meant and told her not to do it again. Two papers later she was still pasting in entire pages from books and articles and passing them off as her own. It got so her fellow students went to the dean and said: “Kick her out. We hate what she does.” The dean said, “What can we do? It’s her culture!” So she got her Ivy League degree.

      (Happy ending? When the dean decided she could cheat as much as she liked, her fellow students decided to ostracize her for the rest of the program. So she got a degree but no friends? Is that happy? Who won?)

    • sota  |   Posted on Jan 10th +13

      I’m going to tell my favorite plagiarism story now…

      My Dad always tells the story of when he was in high school one of his teachers was passing back papers to the class and when he got to the kid next to my Dad, the teacher said: ” I never want to see THIS again” and threw the paper on the desk…which was just the encyclopedia pages photocopied with the kid’s name written at the top. With a grade of an F, of course.

  4. ok bye!

  5. Ian  |   Posted on Jan 10th +10

    He can’t go grocery shopping or mow the lawn those require being out in public, he can’t leave his house ever again

    • I never really understood why Shia Labeouf was a public persona to begin with, so this just sort of sets the universe back to the way it was before I became aware of him while enduring Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

  6. For a minute I thought he was retiring from PUBIC life, and for a minute I was interested.


  8. Look at all these comments! Going against the EXPLICIT orders of Shia! #stopcreating #Iretiretoo

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