For its inhabitants, it’ll be an overall much less useful and more awkward world, for sure, and no duh we’ll all be dead, but it’ll still vewwwy cute and vewwwy smaaart! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. And yet, once one of my brother’s dogs got scared and ran away from his own fart.

  2. That dog is the goat of dogs.

  3. Dogs … is there anything they CAN’T do?!?

  4. hmm I guess you really Must Love Dogs

  5. OK so today is my puppy’s (9 months old next week) first full day in Doggy Day Care. I can’t see him on the cam. I’ve been watching (not working) do you think he’s in time out? I’m freaking out? Did he run away? Is he shooting heroin in the corner?

  6. Just like a beagle to be snoopy.

  7. We had a border collie that used to do this. Once when my parent were at dinner and I was shooting hoops in the backyard, she pushed the chair out from under the table so that she could jump up on to the table and eat a cheesecake.

    Another time, when we left on vacation, we get trashcans with locking lids and put bricks on top so the dogs wouldn’t get into the trash. The dogs dug a hole under the trash cans so that they would tip over, thereby knocking off the bricks, at which point they somehow got the lids off and got into the trash. Though in that case, I’m pretty sure the cockapoo was the brains and the border collie was just the muscle.

    • my parents have a cat and corgi duo that pulls something like this. if nobody is around, the cat will sometimes jump up on the counter and toss food scraps from the compost tin down to his stubby lil buddy. he also once knocked a nest of baby robins out of a tree so that he and the corgi could nosh them down together (wahhhh… but also kind of morbidly cute).

      i like that cat, so i’m glad that when our dog overlords come to power they will probably spare him for his usefulness.

  8. 20 minutes later at the veterinary burn center…

  9. If you erase the dog from this video, it plays like a very sad paranormal activity.

  10. This is kind of stupid, these people have definitely seen the dog pull some version of this right in front of their faces, only they were there to stop him and say “get down.” So they leave him alone, leave the chairs out, and it’s like OH DUH I WONDER WHAT HE’S GOING TO DO?!

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