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  1. I’m guessing that whoever wrote that headline has no idea. I actually wish I had no idea.
    And if you don’t know the reference, please, do yourself a favor, do not research it.

  2. That was my favorite section of the video store in Amsterdam

  3. Yikes. Not a good joke.

  4. HAHAHAHA… Come on, Gabe. That is the best headline since “Headless Body in Topless Bar.”

  5. Ah shit! That’s it. We’ve hit rock bottom. The UK or somebody needs to do an intervention on our ass. Wait. . . they’re probably more pervy than we are. Who else is there? France? Nope, Japan? um bukake. Aw fuck it! Abandon all hope ye who enter here. . .

  6. The social moralist in me condemns that headline, but the squirrel fetishist in me is a little curious.

  7. I feel dirty.

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