Did you know that Robin Wright and Ben Foster are engaged? How did Ben Foster manage that? How did the Internet manage to keep me out of this Hollywood secret for WEEKS? (They got engaged at the end of December, it seems.) What a shock. And I’m just getting to the part in my re-watching of Six Feet Under where Ben Foster shows up as Russell Corwin. You have to wonder what it all means. Oh also, according to a FilmDrunk tipster, Ben Foster ate a bunch of dirt on the set of Lone Survivor:

[Foster] insisted on getting in on the stunts with the stunt guys. Would not be denied. Despite the catastrophic injury at the first jump [during a falling sequence in the film, for which a stuntman had earlier broken ribs and punctured a lung - Berg mentions it here]. So, to get in the zone, [Foster] started eating dirt. Like lots of it. Peter had no idea what it was for, but Ben said it would protect him. Then he jumped off a cliff.

If you watch those scenes again, you can clearly see Ben Foster take a fall and inside and around his mouth is crusted with greenish brown crud. He ate that.

Is allegedly eating dirt to “protect” yourself better or worse than allegedly pulling out a tooth to know better what your character would have felt like in the trenches in World War II? WHO IS THE BETTER WAR ACTOR, ALLEGEDLY? Please vote in our poll about which makes you a better actor, and please try not to let anything in these young actor’s lives outside of their method acting — the stealing, the lying, or the acting in things that are beloved by so many, the being engaged to Robin Wright — sway your opinion. This is a very important poll.

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  1. I’ll never forgive Hollywood for making Buttercup get a nose job.

  2. Ben Foster turned 7 years old 1 month after The Princess Bride was released. That is all.

  3. Eating dirt is gross to begin with but what is even in that dirt if it was greenish brown???

  4. All these actors who insist on doing their own stunts, man. I’d be like, “You’re damn right my stunt double will do it. Now what are we going to do about this empty champagne glass in my hand, hmm?”

  5. Thanks to the Daily Mail, I learned it’s Kate Middleton’s birthday!


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