• Did you watch Stevie Nicks on last night’s American Horror Story: Coven? No? Too busy watching the People’s Choice Awards just kidding? Well, you can watch it now, if you want! -Stereogum
  • Also here! -Vulture
  • As Justified begins its fifth season on FX, showrunner Graham Yost says the series might be nearing its end. But, ah, some of us haven’t even started watching it yet! -/Film
  • The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams on Race, Comedy, and Her Role in Girls.” -MotherJones
  • Zoe Saldana has been cast as Rosemary in NBC’s upcoming Rosemary’s Baby. That will be good, I think! She is good, I like her! -Variety
  • Patton Oswalt appeared on Conan last night and spoke about, among other things, being sick over the holidays and The Hobbit. Haha. TEMPTED? -WarmingGlow
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  1. Ooh, Zoe as Rosemary is a neat choice. She usually plays tough action babes, so I’ll be interested to see her in such a different role.

  2. I really like Jessica Williams, I think she was a great addition to the cast. Great interview, great person.

    I’m also super sad that John Oliver left, they need a few new people now!

  3. American Horror Story lost me last season with “Asylum” — I thought they went totally overboard. Serial killers, aliens, mental hospital, zombies, it was too much. Say what you want about “Coven” but it is much more focused (WITCHES) while still retaining the broad melodrama of the original season. Last night’s episode was great, although I think Stevie Nicks should probably stick to singing.

  4. dignity shmignity, i want new episodes of justified twenty-four hours a day seven days a week 4evr.

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