Putting together a tote bag with your beach towel, a fun book, and some sunscreen…packing a few friends into the car with a cooler full of water bottles and brews…picking out the best spot on the gloomy, icy snow…running over the ice barrier and into the surf and just letting the gigantic ice balls bang against your shins until they’re frozen and bloodied. Ah, you just cannot beat it. I love the beach! (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. It looks like a giant bowl of Cocoa Puffs that’s gotten soggy.

  2. It’s really cold in my office this morning for some reason, and watching this literally just made me shiver. Oh, man, I don’t need spring just yet but I do need it to get above freezing during the day sometime soon.

  3. Are we sure they’re not alien eggs? Asking for a friend.

  4. Have any of you guys seen this in person? I want to get a sense of the size of those things. Maybe someone could head down there, jump in, and have their friend snap a picture for scale?

  5. bowl of cocoa puffs anyone?

  6. This video is hypnotic. I can’t stop watching! It’s like a freezing cold, horrifying lava lamp.

  7. Were those rocks or were they ice balls? What is going on? Still looks like warmer than Christmas at say..Anna Wintour’s house.

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