How was your day today? You already know about my day, which, although the part to which I’m referring only took up a bit of the morning, will leave me with enough extra stress and anxiety for the rest of the week! Speaking of stress and anxiety, can you imagine the stress and anxiety that Jennifer Lawrence felt after falling so beautifully while walking up to accept her Academy Award for “Best Actress” when she was twenty-two years old? (Just kidding.) (Do you think Jennifer Lawrence’s shoulders ever rise up to her neck, or are they just always even?) And have you ever wondered why she fell like that? (No? Because you saw the dress she was wearing?) Well, she talks about it a bit in W Magazine, via The Independent:

“I was at the Oscars, waiting to hear
 if my name was called, and I kept thinking, cakewalk, cakewalk, cakewalk. I thought, ‘Why is ‘cakewalk’ stuck in my head?’

And then, as I started to walk up the stairs and the fabric from my dress tucked under my feet, I realized my stylist had told me, ‘Kick, walk, kick, walk.’

You are supposed to kick the dress out while you walk, and I totally forgot because I was thinking about cake! And that’s why I fell.”

Oh, Jennifer. You’ve certainly out Jennifered yourself this time. How about you guys, though? Cakewalk? Tripping on your dresses because your dresses got stuck under your feet? Looking forward to closing your eyes later? HOW WAS YOUR DAY?!

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  1. Goddamnit. I always thought she was the perfect woman. Finding out that she is on Team Cake is a dealbreaker. Pies before hos and all that.

  2. I got up early this morning to go to the gym. In the time it took to walk the 2 blocks back home, a very sizable ice chunk formed in my mustache from the leftover sweat. So, pretty good day!

  3. I’ll be making two-bean kale soup for dinner. Very exciting!

  4. I was going to say that my day went from agony to ecstasy but a more accurate description would be “from seriously wanting to murder everybody to feeling sort of ok.” This is what the CTA does to me. Well, the CTA, and the people on the CTA, and mostly Ventra, and also the snow.

    On the bright side, the class that I usually take on Wednesdays starts up again tonight but I decided not to sign up this time because one of the teachers was sort of getting on my nerves and I was a little sick of middle aged men trying to reclaim their youth by playing guitars with a lot of stupid pedals (ok fine, that was mostly just one guy, but he annoyed me with the strength of ten men), so I’m looking forward to NOT having to walk over a mile home through the snow at 10PM tonight like I normally would have.

  5. Today I unpacked and labeled 770 file folders at work. Goodbye.

  6. My day was very long and very tiring. I was sent to four different locations today to cover people and to help the accountant who FINALLY got Simply Accounting, but couldn’t figure out how to use it (and, sidebar, she is a terrible accountant. She didn’t know what a fiscal year was and her “accounting” is basically writing down money in and money out in a school notebook without having any actual accounts or checking any balances??). I started at 8 and didn’t leave until 6 and only got half an hour for lunch, 20 mins of which was spent driving between centres. And it warmed up enough to melt some snow but not all of it and then got really cold again so everything is covered in about 6 inches of solid ice and I hate winter. BUT my dog is being extra cute because she is going stir crazy as it’s too icy for walks, so I guess this one is a win.

  7. It was fantastic! I found out that my co-worker tried to throw me under the bus and say that my shift isn’t getting enough done! Again! Last time he did that I spent hours going through months of data to create a report showing that we were actually doing more than his shift! But if he’s going to continue to try to put me down to make himself look better, that won’t be good enough this time, so I’m creating a chart that will update daily that will show current statistical data, which will be directly available to my boss at any given time. So going forward, he will immediately look stupid, instead of having to wait a few days.

    By the way, I wasn’t being sarcastic when I said that my day was fantastic. Few things in this world get me going more than sweet, sweet revenge.

  8. It was okay! I was abnormally hungry all day and I don’t know what that was all about, but my usual amount of lunch was not cutting it. But it was all the lunch I had! So my day was okay, but hungry.

    Also, my Sephora order came, so I have fancy new makeup and hair stuff to play with, which is always great.

  9. Watched a baby, telecommuted, applied to local jobs. Got some interest and had a prelim phone interview, hopefully that goes somewhere because i need cash moneyyyyyyy. I think i’m starving? who knows really. I have a test next week for nursing school that i need to study for and a test to be a postal worker on friday.

  10. solid  |   Posted on Jan 8th +15

    I found the perfect spot in my office where I get good cell reception, no one has a good view of the desk, and I can look very busy while watching Netflix on my phone. I’m on episode 4 of Scandal.

  11. I’m not normally a fan of documentaries, but this week I watched Blackfish and then the Act of Killing and then Capturing the Friedmans (jesus that poor poor mother) and now I want to watch another one. Suggestions?

    • Seriously though, fuck the sons on Capturing the Friedmans. “Dad only had stacks and stacks of child porn and admitted to fucking like 3 kids including his 8 yr old brother who doesn’t even remember it, it’s really no big deal he is basically innocent of all wrongdoing, mom why aren’t you standing by him you are tearing this family apaaaaaart” I just wanted to give her a hug, punch the dad in the nuts, and slap all the sons in the face.

    • Supersize Me!

    • solid  |   Posted on Jan 8th +3

      Frederick Wiseman! “High School” or “La Danse.” “At Berkeley” came out this year, which I’m excited to see.

      Or try this riveting multi-part documentary about a crisis management firm in DC called “Scandal”

    • Man On Wire, Ballerina (although it can be hard to find with English subtitles), and, if you’re in the mood for something more lighthearted but still really interesting, Terry Jones’s Medieval Lives series.

    • Dear Zachary, How To Survive A Plague, Hoop Dreams, Waste Land, Restrepo, Trouble the Water, Murderball… start there?

    • Terminator

    • Queen of Versailles, Girl Model (Model Girl?), Children of Hitler, Park Avenue, Gasland, Gasland II, any of the Nova dog specials, the Reagan documentary on HBO, the Gloria Steinem doc on HBO, Ken Burns’ Jazz…

    • the devil and daniel johnston

    • If you haven’t seen The Corporation yet, that one. Should be required viewing for everyone.

    • Blindsight
      Devil’s Playground
      Hell House (2001)
      Bus 174
      The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
      When We Were Kings

    • Jesus Camp and Children Underground and as long as your okay with really dark subject matter- Not Angels but Angels and Body Without Soul

  12. I would be grateful (which we should be spelling greatfull but no one listens to me) for podcast suggestions. I need entertaining things to listen to while doing tedious work.

    What is the best pod being cast in the world wide web these days?

  13. i started running a few months ago to give myself something to instead of work, go home, watch tv, drink gin, and go to sleep.

    i didn’t think i would keep up with it, but i did! and i actually really like running! And I know this isn’t today, but on Sunday is my first real race. It was supposed to be a 5K, but they changed it to a 5 mile race, so I’ve been training a lot. But it’s been so cold in NYC that it’s been hard to keep a schedule.

    But i am, let me tell you, so super excited to run this race on Sunday! Some friends are coming to the finish line and we are going to eat after and it will just be fun!

    So now I just have to try and not fall on any ice between now and Sunday. Spandex!

  14. randilu  |   Posted on Jan 8th +11

    Ahh, not great Bob! I have had a headache for WEEKS. Finally got an MRI on Sunday and found out today that I my carotid artery is bleeding. They need to now make sure that’s it’s bleeding on the OUTSIDE of my skull and not the INSIDE, because if it’s inside, I’m in big trouble. Best of all, is that I found this out at work and proceeded to freak out in front of my boss/VP.

    I am not good with these things and I’m now planning out my will in case something happens and all I can think of is who is going to take both of my cats because they can’t be separated!

  15. flanny  |   Posted on Jan 8th +10

    I had one of those days where I was pretty much working the whole time, but damned if I can remember anything I did. I looked at a spreadsheet for a while. I certainly don’t feel like I accomplished anything but I must have, right?
    Sometimes do you take a look around and think, “Is this the life my parents imagined for me?”

  16. I just got a new gig/promotion that coincides with my current gig/promotion. I will literally be tethered to my laptop for the next 4 months, which I am a-okay with as it’s cold and rainy for that long anyway. Now trying to figure out if I should incorporate for the design/production consulting or stay sole proprietor. And deciding if I want to take a different side gig to help launch a person’s restaurant.

    I am also having a triple IPA to celebrate. Yipee.

    • p.s. If you don’t know, incandescent light bulbs are being phased out post January 1st. Some people get nervous or get headaches or get off-put by florescents and LEDs, even the full-spectrum “replacements.” Others get freaked out by the mercury in gas form in florescents. I happen to be one of these people who get anxious and headachy, so I bought a bunch of bulbs at a semi-reasonable price. Then I bought more because the price gauging has already started. What I spent $50 on a week ago is reselling for $170 on Amazon.

      So… Worst case? I have a ton of light bulbs that I prefer for a long, LONG TIME. Best case? I just made a solid investment in my future with light bulb futures. So basically I’m like Winthorp, Valentine, the Dukes and Clarence Beaks all wrapped up in one.

      • I am currently switching to LEDs and like them a lot more than CFCs. I never got headaches, but the light felt weirdly harsh or fake. Also the LEDs are dimmable and I can control them from my phone because they are wi-fi-operated bulbs. That is a dumb, unnecessary level of tech for my apartment but at least wi-fi bulbs cost $16 each, so I’m replacing them at a rate of one per paycheck.

        • I’m switching my basement to candle light (JK my mom wont let me burn candles)

        • CFCs are what were in aerosols up until the late 80s, though were beginning to be banned and phased out in 1979. I hope for your safety and that of your neighbors, you are not using a freon-based lighting system that was initially intended for cooling and AquaNet.

          Compact florescent lights (CFL) give off a blue hue and have a subtle flickering at a very high rate that only a certain percentage of the population registers. Some get headaches, some get anxious, some get seizures. Prolonged exposure can create hypertension, mess up sleep cycles and a bunch of other terrifying stuff… even with the “full spectrum.” And even those who are not as affected or are aware of the effects from the bulbs typically find the “atmosphere” less pleasant than natural or soft light from an incandescent. I was showing the differences to my landlord the other day as I have varying forms of lights in my overhead lights in my house, but prefer incandescent lights when I actually need light. He is not affected but was like “wow that is a world of difference” and he’s getting a set if only to resell in a year… probably to me.

          So, in summary, invest in light bulb futures. Or don’t. I intend to corner the market anyway. Just like my favorite investors tried with frozen orange juice…

          So, basically,

          • So, basically, I am offering financial advice and my only frame of reference is Trading Places. Well that and knowing some of the science behind the biology of why people hate the new lights.

  17. it was fine! work was kind of dumb, although less dumb than it has been now that it’s no longer the holiday season, and now i am eating a burrito and listening to buck owens and waiting until the buses are no longer stuffed with noisy teens so i can go home and rewatch last night’s justified. justified is back, you guys!!!

  18. So school starts next week! It’s my last semester of course work ever! And I know I said that when I finished my BA and my MA, but this time I mean it for real!!

    Also, I am now officially caught up on Doctor Who AND have seen the 2 new Sherlock episodes. I’m so excited for the last episode, but also so apprehensive because there is no telling how Moffat and Gatiss will manage to crush my soul this time around.

  19. My day was fine until mr truck called at lunch to say he stopped home during lunch and discovered that we have a burst pipe in our garage. It actually ended up being a lot better than it could have been but still don’t know what the price tag will be. I put pork chops in the slow cooker with some sauerkraut and potatoes and it could’ve used more mustard and a little more sugar but overall was really great. threw some bacon in with those potatoes for a german potato salad with vinegar dressing and that part was super yummy.

  20. hotspur  |   Posted on Jan 8th +15

    I’m still annoyed from a conversation this morning. A babbling, crotchety coworker came over and talked nonstop about nothing for 5-10 minutes (that is her move, daily) and in this babble today she badmouthed some guy she knows who “wastes his time commenting on websites.” Usually I don’t engage her but today I said, “Well, it’s not a waste of time if he enjoys it,” and she scoffed, “Pff. He says he’s friends with people on this site — but he’s never even met them! I’m sorry, but a friend isn’t some person on the internet. It’s a person you know! He doesn’t even know what color their hair is — sorry, they’re not friends!” It just made me so mad.

    I was thinking of you guys the whole time I was also thinking about clubbing her to death with a baby seal. I don’t care if you guys even HAVE hair, you’re still my friends. Most of you.

    • You should compile a list of all of your internet friends and their hair colors, and leave it on her desk. That should get rid of her for good.

      And for the record, dark brown, but threatening me with grey.Mine is brown

      • When she shows up today she will find a note on her desk that says “FACETACO BROWN.” Then she’ll know what’s what!

    • Sounds like a boomer

      • Good eye, Ashleigh Byrne. And half of her monologues are about things that happened to her 30 years ago. She is really hung up on how much fun she had, circa 1973-1989.

    • Because she’s NOT wasting your time commenting on other people’s activities? Yikes.

      Your friend,

    • My hair is brown on the top and blonde at the ends. Ombre, but also the mullet of hair colors: business up top and party on the bottom.

    • This is fun. My hair is reddish-yellow and thinning. A LOT OF SEXY MEN HAVE THIN HAIR.

  21. My day was very boring, but I’m pretty preoccupied by trying to figure out what went on with Kelly this morning!! I read the other posts and I do not understand. What is alternate parking? Side parking? Why did waiting in her car avoid a future parking conundrum? SO MANY MYSTERIES!

  22. You guys, I feel weird. I just signed to this dating website because I’m Indian, female, 27 (well 28 in October) and still single which obviously means I’m oging to die a spinster. This whole online dating thing is weird. After like two weeks, despite the 100s of “interests” I only found one cute, decent guy that I clicked with and he’s acting…strange. I think he doesn’t like me to be on the site anymore? But I actually paid to be a premium member for three months so that’s silly, plus he was away in Japan for two weeks and only came back today so we only actually talked effectively for 2 nights??? Anyway, he got really pissed all of a sudden and even took me off his “favourites” list and I felt ridiculously offended by that. What’s up with that? He’s Dutch if that means anything.

    Also since I’ve exhausted all the TV shows, I’ve decided to check out Dr Who. But where should I start?


    • You should tell that guy to take a hike! Talking a couple times doesn’t mean he owns you! Imagine how much more possessive he would get if you actually started dating!

      As for Doctor Who, I’d say just start with the beginning of the reboot, with Christopher Eccleston (so the first season on Netflix that isn’t classified as “Classic Doctor Who”).

      • You’re definitely right about that. It’s just that everyone else seriously sucks, so I was probably trying hold on more than I should.

        We don’t get netflix here, so what should I look for if I were to go about getting these episodes from a completely legal and above-board avenue?

        • I’m sure you could probably get Doctor Who on bit torrent. I usually download from The Pirate Bay. I think you can also stream it if you have Amazon Prime.

    • Online dating is the worst but also seems to be the only kind of dating out there. Especially if you’re bad at talking to people at bars, or in general. I am sometimes good at talking to people in bars but that usually means I am too drunk to actually pick someone up. I hope we both survive online dating.

      There are 2 ways to do Doctor Who: start with Eccleston and deal with the bad effects and cheesiness and lack of budget, but sometimes decent story lines. Or start with Smith on “The 11th Hour,” get hooked, then go back to all the other stuff. “The Eleventh Hour” is good because it lets you know things get good (because I’m sorry there are some really terrible ones early on) and also acts as an intro to who the Doctor is. If you want to dive in on good eps pre-Smith, check out “the empty child,” “the girl in the fireplace,” “blink,” “midnight.”

      • I cannot upvote this enough.

      • Yeah, I find the dating pool here to be very limited, most people hook up through friends. I would never approach anybody on my own though, too chicken and too insecure and I tend ot run away from the kind of guys that pick me up in clubs and bars.

        Thank you! I’ll probably try your method of getting hooked first. You guys are seriously the best, I’m checking out Dr Who only because of you. I may not comment that often, but I’m here everyday reading the your comments while I’m having my morning coffee/milo. They always cheer me up to no end.

        I’m not a Whovian(?) yet I already covet the 4th doctor’s scarf, also I live in a very warm place with like 90% humidity, so maybe I’m just very silly?


      *he might not be crazy, but come on, is a guy who would do that worth your time? probably not.

  23. My major accomplishment today was that I categorized my Netflix queue by genre and then alphabetized it. So yeahhhhh….

  24. My day started out with me only getting 4 hours of sleep because the sump pump broke but was half-heartedly trying to work and going on all night. This also meant no flushing of toilets, plus the kitchen water is. My day ended with being able to flush toilets, but still no kitchen water.

    I am currently stressed about getting an IL license and having to take the test, because I keep doing terrible on the practice ones.

  25. smacky  |   Posted on Jan 9th +12

    Yesterday was one of those rare days when the wife and I both had great days and everything just meshed and we were a team and both productive with work and kept the kids happy and at the end of the day we both felt it: A day when everything went right. It’s hard to explain, but it felt really, really nice.

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