• The Internet continues to be the Internet. -LouisCKOne
  • Matt Reeves, the director of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, is going to be back for the series’ third installment, which, fingers crossed, will be romcom that takes place in a utopian ape society. -/Film
  • Lindsay Lohan’s laptop was stolen at the airport, and apparently we already know that there are nude photos on it? Girl. -Dlisted
  • Did you know that Bill Hader had a cameo in Her? It’s true. He played Joaquin Phoenix in that movie and no one even noticed just kidding but he did have a cameo! -WarmingGlow
  • Videogum contributor Nate Fernald‘s comedy duo Team Submarine has a comedy album out today called Glass Matthew. Want to hear what his voice sounds like IRL? You can! -Bandcamp
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  1. Plz everyone describe what your voice sounds like IRL. Mine is smooth like honey.

  2. Good god. Is that how Dlisted writes about all deeply troubled people who seem to making genuine attempts to get their shit together or did Lindsey Lohan steal this blogger’s lover?

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