I know we’re going to have Petting Zoo later today, so normally I wouldn’t post an extra animal video to start the morning, but this morning some of us spent an hour looking for an alternate side parking spot and then COULDN’T FIND ONE AND HAD TO PARK IN THE SAME SPOT WHERE SOME OF US BEGAN and now some of us have to go out and start looking again, so maybe some of us just need to watch a compilation of puppies with pacifiers, even though some of us are not completely sure giving a puppy a pacifier is a thing that is okay. All right?! OKAY?! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. I guess that didn’t suck.

  2. I invented a parking spot today and kicked some snow to make it look like a parking line. Cops better not go snooping.

  3. As much as I hate paying for it every month, I’m super happy I’ve got a reserved parking space in a lot.

    Also, passy? Surely it’s a binky. Binky.

  4. Kelly – you work from home, don’t you? Just double park on the other side of the street at the beginning of alternate side and then move it back when it’s over! Completely acceptable time-honored practice.

    • That’s what I’m doing currently, but it makes me so anxious!

      • Though, not more anxious than driving around and having people beep at me. So.

        • One of the problems with playing the double-parking game is that you now have two opportunities to get a ticket — you’ll get one if you don’t move on time AND you’ll get one if you don’t put it back on time (not to mention how much you will piss your neighbors off.)

          Another solution is to take your car on some errands. Drive to Fairway and do your grocery shopping. Or hole up in a diner (preferably one with a parking lot) and do some reading. Or take your dogs to Prospect Park even though they are idiots and won’t appreciate and just focus on eating chicken bones off the ground the whole time, and you’ll get back hours later and your whole day is basically shot.

      • If there aren’t any more posts today we’ll know Kelly got arrested for commenting while driving.

      • Embrace the Brooklyn Way and that anxiety will disappear. You’re one of us now.

  5. Their bark is worse than their overbite. Because pacifiers allegedly give kids overbites? I dunno, it’s early.

  6. I am forever thankful that I don’t have to search for parking when I get to the train station at zero dark thirty in the morning. I did, however, have to wait an inordinately long time for a train this morning and basically couldn’t feel my legs by the time one did come, but eventually it came and now I am at work so I guess things aren’t all that bad.

  7. I’m not exaggerating when I say that one of the best things about living in a rural area is never having to worry about parking. When I lived in a city for a few years I couldn’t BELIEVE how much of an issue finding parking was and how often I had to stress about it. So yes, all you city dwellers deserve puppies with pacifiers.

  8. I just met an 8 week Aussie puppy and threatened to chew on his paws.

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