I gotta tell you, my man, there’s nothing like cruising through the aisles of the g-store on you board. Need chicken stock? No prob, just cruise on by and throw that chicken stock in your cart — easy peasy, you don’t even need to stop. Need cereal, but the cereal you need is the kind that’s in bags on the bottom shelf, not because you can’t afford the stuff at the top — you’re Zac Efron in some cases, after all — but because that’s just the kind you like? And if you can save a little money on cereal — which is sincerely crazy expensive and has no reason to be — well, then that’s just a bonus? Not a prob, boss, just lie your bod right down on your board and swim that thing on by. Need to check out produce but you can’t really tell what the best quality item is because also you have your sunglasses on for no reason? Take your time, dude, and just ollie in place for a while! Listen, when you’ve got your board under your feet, there is nothing that’s gonna bring you down. And if anyone has a problem with it, they should get their own board! You can’t be held responsible for every other lamer’s board-related happiness — that’s a totally gnarly expectation, bro! Cowabunga! Don’t have a cow! CAPTION HIM!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and one dream about skateboarding through a grocery store with Zac Efron. (Full-size skateboarding after the jump.) (Image via Pajiba.)

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  1. Obviously, his family went to France for the holidays, accidentally left him behind, and now he has to do his own food shopping with hilarious results.

  2. From crack pipes to half-pipes in just six months, rehab really does work.

  3. 2 kool 4 heelies

  4. Finally this guy gets the live-action adaptation he deserves:


  5. Wait, is this not how people grocery shop in California?

  6. My hat says “winter”, my shoes say “summer”, and my tuxedo says “Canada”.

  7. He’s taking Mr. Cool Disguise to a whole new level.

  8. He got confused because he heard there were ramps in the produce aisle.

  9. Next week, Shia Lebeouf will roller blade through a Walgreens and then apologize to Zac via singing telegram.

  10. I was going to photoshop a bunch of condoms falling out of his pocket so I did a google image search of “condoms” and then realized I was probably fired and closed it down really fast so just use your imaginations, guys.

  11. zac saffron

  12. I feel like I’ve already won this contest because I’ve already had the dream prize. Your face still looks great, Zac!!!!

  13. You would think that the other shoppers would be annoyed by this, but they were actually grateful that he was going around collecting all of those stupid S-K-A-T-E letters floating in hard to reach places.

  14. 17 Items Or Less Again

  15. High School Job Musical 2

    • Ooh what’s extra funny is that they all had jobs in High School Musical 2! They worked at Sharpay’s family’s country club. Zac was originally just a waiter with the rest of the plebs, but Sharpay pulled some strings and got him upped to a golf pro or something? Something about a golf cart and Italian shoes. Oh, it did cause some friction between him and his friends, but Zac made the right decision in the end and decided to stop pretending to be who he wasn’t. And then they all sang.

  16. This looks like the opening credits scene of a bad sitcom! “Skateboard Dad” maybe. Or a new gameshow? “Groceryboarding with the Stars”

  17. True story: I was grocery-boarding on a similar skateboard, and I broke my femur. Now everytime I see something like this I feel like I should be doing a PSA. Kids, just say no to tiny, unwieldy retro skateboards.

  18. “Just doing some skitchin’ to get stuff for my kitchen!”

  19. “Price check on ollie 5″

  20. ain’t you 30 bro?

  21. “If I remain upon this wheeled board long enough, perhaps the Aslan of Spare Oom will take the hint and grace my lower half with a set of permanent wheels, for I read in a fashionable magazine that Hybrids are very ‘In’ at the moment. And if I doubted the truths disseminated by fashionable magazines, wouldn’t their assertions that I am ‘Sexy’ become so much formless gas? No, I shall continue upon my current course for I am Zac Efron, Future Patriarch of the Wheeled Humans! One must believe!” – Mr. Efron

  22. I don’t have a caption, I just wanted to say that my roommate and I spent five minutes trying to figure out what chain of stores he’s in. We’ve decided it’s probably a Gelsons.


  24. He must look so cool as he reaches the end of each aisle and stops to pivot the board and nearly drops everything he’s holding

  25. confused why items appearing not to be pizza are in his basket

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