• “Guy Whose ‘Look’ Makes You Upset To Make You Even More Upset By Wearing The Pants From Her.” -TheGuardian
  • Cassorla’s video for “Bona Fide” features Aubrey Plaza and is very fun. You should watch it! -Stereogum
  • Speaking of things that will cheer you up if you are truly having your “most depressing day of the year,” Ben Schwartz and Horatio Sanz are on today’s episode of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast. -Earwolf
  • And you can now watch the first full trailer for the second season of House of Cards! Spoiler alert: IT’S GONNA BE GOOOOOOOOD. -Netflix
  • Want to watch a little behind-the-scenes look at Late Night with Seth Meyers? Like a real insider! -NBC
  • This nutritionist disagrees with Gwyneth Paltrow’s winter diet of mostly liquid, which seems weird. Can we see some proof that he is a licensed nutritionist? Just, before we pass any real judgment? -DeathAndTaxes
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  1. Man, Gwyneth doesn’t even get her own posts anymore. Just tossed on the pile of morning links like some kind of bogus Episode VII casting rumor.

  2. These love handles aren’t the only thing preventing me from buying high-waisted pants, but they’re the primary thing.

    • I had a convo with my sister about high-rise vs low-rise pants over Christmas, and my sister was solidly anti-low-rise. And I said something like, “I dunno, they’re just comfier.” For the very reason that higher rise pants squeeze and dig into all my fattiest areas and low-rise sit there on the hip bone. But are they really comfier? If so, is it worth it? Did the fashions of the late 90s and early 00s warp my mind?

      • See, that’s why I wear maternity pants. (I’m not kidding. I buy maternity pants and jeans with the stretchy waistband in my regular size, and they look just like normal pants.)

      • I have equal problems with high-waisted pants (a soft middle looks max fat in high pants) and low-rise pants (bigger ass than waist means constant ass crack vigilance) so I pretty much stick exclusively to dresses and tights.

        • Plus tights look better in boots than pants. When I wear my more relaxed-cut pants with boots, I worry I look like a Nazi.

          • I’ve given up on pants for leaving the home in. On a very cold day, I just wear two pairs of tights or tights and leggings with a long skirt.

            For context, I live in NC that that’s about as cold as it typically gets, though tomorrow we’re looking at a low of 9 with a wind chill of -15 which is completely unheard of. Should I switch to pants? Pants with tights underneath? Just call in to work and stay home because it’s not fucking worth it?

        • I find that higher waisted pants look more “slimming” on me than low-rise pants. When pants fall below the fattest part of my stomach, there’s lots of terrible muffin top happening. Not to mention, my butt will never fit into low-rise pants. Too beautiful to be contained by low-rise.

      • I like a high waist, but honestly i just wear leggings bc I’M LAZY and i like to be able to nap at a moments notice so i like to be comfy.

  3. High-waisted pants on a man always make me think of that pre-70s strong-man look, which was just a thick man in high pants with a girdle on, classic Shatner style.

  4. That article on the pants was really strange. Spike Jonze had Teddy Roosevelt in mind when writing the movie Her? Joaquin Phoenix worried about high waisted pants? East village meets silicon valley? Did something happen to the world over the weekend? These are things that don’t make sense.

  5. You have got to be fucking kidding me with that Paltrow diet. That’s no way to live.

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