Smoke? Water dust? Frozen steam? Ice fog? Whatever it is, we are it. Stay in your water guns! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Yuck, I’d hate to see what the weather was like in NORTH Porcupine!

  2. I hear it’s bad in New York where Kelly is, but I’m in Los Angeles, so I’m just a glass of water on a table. Or maybe a sandwich!

  3. maybe too NITPICKY but -41 C does NOT equal -41 F. what’s up with that??

  4. It’s almost 50 today, which feels balmy and is actually really really muddy.

    Also: Is it safe to put boiling water in a plastic toy water gun? I don’t think it is. It could melt the plastic and burn you.

  5. When I told my California friend there was a low of -4 F yesterday she responded with, ‘can humans even survive in that temperature?’. This being my first east coast winter, I’m very dubious myself.

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