Oh my god it is a snoozer out there today! Who would have thought that the Friday after a week filled will holiday hole punches, and a Friday during which half of the blog world is buried under six to ten inches of snow (which is not that many inches, but remember the holiday thing?), would be so DEAD! ON THE INTERNET! You can watch House of Cards with commentary from the directors now, that’s something that happened today. What else? It snowed? Did we already mention that it snowed? Anyway, because we have to do SOMETHING with our day, and it has to be in front of the computer, how about a fun poll: what kind of day are you having? Is it a trampoline accident kind of a day, or is it a flamingos “dancing” to Michael Jackson kind of a day, which mostly amounts to flamingos walking and bobbing their head but hey beggars absolutely cannot be choosers, especially not today? Here are some videos that might help in making your decision:

Trampoline Accident?

Flamingos Dancing To Michael Jackson?

What Kind Of Day Are You Having?

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  1. I’ve spent today observing the proliferation of tiny animal tracks in the thick snow behind my building and listening to the dripping of icicles from the roof. Winter i love you, love is forever fan love you.

  2. Wow how did they get them to all walk backwards like that?

    Wait a minute…..

  3. It’s so cold that every time I walk outside random parts of my face start bleeding. (Trampoline accident.)

  4. So I can’t be the only one who watched that trampoline video hoping that the kid suddenly jumped too high and got stuck in the tree, can I??

    Also, although we only got maybe 6-7 inches of snow, it is freaking freezing outside. So I’m celebrating having an extra day without having to wear real pants.

  5. I spent my snow day watching 1D on the X Factor and cleaning my apartment, including a heavy-duty stovetop scrubbing. I guess flamingos?

  6. It my last day of vacation and I just undid a blanket I started last night because I made it way too wide. Can I be both?

    • This is what the blanket will look like eventually:

      • Are you also knitting a matching time machine?

      • I want that to be your living room very, very much

        • Not my house, just the pattern I found on one of the MANY knitting blogs that I have visited over my break. I do have a fireplace, but it’s not that old timey.

          • OK this is timely because I just got sent this email from a charity saying they want “us girls” to sign up for a “stitch and bitch”. Ie. you knit and you gossip and you raise money. Am I being hyper-sensitive (clue: yes I am) to find the title of the event a bit… um… irritating?!!

          • It’s a book / lifestyle thingy about knitting geared towards women who like knitting but don’t want to be considered old lady spinster types… They have cute patterns and the books are pretty easy to follow, but I don’t necessarily want to knit a skull and cross bones on my fingerless arm warmers to show everyone that I’m still punk or whatever. Very big in Portland (no duh), but it’s been around for at least a decade, and a bar I really like has a Monday knitting and cocktail hour. I always forget to go but I will put it on my calender. I’ll try it if you do (doing stuff out of the house is a new year’s resolution) and we can report back! We can bitch about the Stitch and Bitch or say it’s lovely!

          • I haven’t stitched for a very long time! (I have bitching practice though! Don’t panic!)

      • Don’t prick your finger on that spinning wheel!

  7. As we were going to sleep last night, my girlfriend told me she didn’t think we could stay together if I went to school for a PhD. She wants to get a house and have kids, and a PhD program at this point means I wouldn’t have a stable job until our late 30s at best, which is hard for her. It seemed cruel to me at first, but it must have been a difficult thing to say, and at least she knows what she wants and is being honest about it. We’ve been together for years and it looks like my half-decade of pussyfooting about both my job and romantic life are catching up with me.

    So… trampoline accident day?

    • Spencer… I’m sorry. I had a similar thing about 18 months ago, which still hurts. Imma find you a corgi puppy.

      • Aw!

        What was I even upset about again?

        • Double trouble, those two.

          (Even if the things the person is saying make total sense, doesn’t mean they don’t hurt like hell. Mine just disappeared, note under the door, so in a way…)

          • oh boy :0

          • :-(

            And, to be clear, she hasn’t left me. But I’ve had “PhD program” on my very short list of next professional steps, and now I have some serious noodling to do about my life.

          • No, no, I appreciate that. But the thinking bit is not a fun bit, when the options are precariously stacked. I wish you well.

          • (Oh, and I can laugh about it now, but may I recommend never doing that to anyone, ever)

          • I didn’t apply to grad school the fall I took my GRE because I was busy falling in love, which was a giant waste of time as he was a fucking idiot. I really wish that I had applied a year earlier than I did as I would have gotten into more than just journalism and would have gotten much better financial aid. (Though a master’s in journalism and/or an MFA are both things I have never regretted not getting… so, in my case, it may have been for the best.) This being said, your conversation sounds much more mature than the one I would have had with myself if I could travel back 11 years and I wish you well. Stuff has a weird way of working out or changing. That is my point. It’s a non point. Sorry to waste your time.

  8. I turned youtube on mute and played James Brown’s “Get up offa that thing” instead of Michael Jackson. That’s what kind of day I’m having.

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