-Person who, I mean, at this point, who even knows?
-Aside from writing “I AM SORRY DANIEL CLOWES” in the sky on January 1st in Los Angeles, a place where Daniel Clowes does not even live, I would guess that SHIA LABEOUF is attempting — through his continuous “borrowed” apologies on Twitter — to make his being outed as a plagiarist look intentional, which is certainly one way to deal with it.
-If “dealing with it” and “making everyone so exhausted by it that they eventually just don’t care anymore” are the same thing.
-Which they maybe are?
-Except to Daniel Clowes.
-I assume he will respond another way.

(Via Variety.)

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  1. I think we can do better than “I am sorry Daniel Clowes” Shia. Feel free to steal this for your next attempt, I think it will work wonders:

    Cloweses are red
    Shias are blue
    Please forgive me
    For plagiarizing you

    • This is just to say

      I have plagiarized
      your writing
      that you worked
      so hard on

      and on which
      you probably had
      copywrite protection

      Forgive me
      It was so well-written
      and I am terrible.

  2. is everybody back? man these past two weeks have been weird, and for a m-f worker having the holidays on a wednesday absolutely sucks…anywho…welcome back all

    • I’m actually a proponent of the micro-weeks. I can shirk on my Monday/Tuesday responsibilities because I have off Wednesday, then shirk on my Thursday/Friday responsibilities because the weekend.

    • At first I thought you were referring to yourself as a “motherfucking worker” so I think I need to go home now and sleep for several more hours.

  3. I’m useless at photoshop, but could someone who isn’t useless please make the sky say “I am sorry for Transformers” THX.

  4. Shia cribbed this apology from a similar one that Charles Burns (look him up) skywrote to Daniel Clowes back in the 90s. Also happy new year, everyone!

    • Also cribbed from the wicked witch who said Surrender Dorothy Daniel Clowes. (or something like that)

    • Actually, the story goes that Daniel Clowes was actually the one who apologized to Burns. They were at a Fantagraphics Holiday Party and Clowes got tipsy and spilled red wine on Burns’ nice white oxford shirt.

      Shia plagiarized Clowes AGAIN!

  5. I can’t wait for drone-delivered apologies. (The future is now.)

    Also, happy 2014 everyone!

  6. I said something at work this morning and no one believed me and it turned out I was right! And no one acknowledged it and now I realize that the unsettled feeling I’m having is because no one has written in the sky that I am a great big smartypants. IF NOT NOW, WHEN

  7. I am enjoying imagining that LaBeouf’s assistant hates him and convinced him this would be a good idea and that looking up all the apologies is the hardest his assistant has ever worked for him.

    Also, guys, time to again listen to the tale of LaBeouf’s cannibalism.

  8. Looking forward to the upcoming “I’m in rehab” press release.

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