There is something comforting about knowing that even though we’re going to be filling in increasingly desperate question marks on all of our The Gym checks for the next few months, we’ll always be able to turn on whatever Internet viewing device that scientists will allow us to buy and watch a local news reporter fall down. So steady, they are, at not being steady. Maybe 2014, though, will be the year when we make the transition from the rather lengthy “bloopers” to the much simpler “bloops”? “Hey buddy, did you check out that new news bloop?” “Oh, the bloop where the reporter falls down and then keeps going? Yeah, I saw it on my KindlBot69, like, two days ago.” “Oh, so…Well. Okay.” #2014!

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  1. On NYE I was watching the 10:00 news (cool) and I totally expected it to be a shit show because clearly these are the, like, back-ups of the back-up anchors, and they were surprisingly pleasant and accurate and enjoyable to watch. The third-string weather lady was better than old Dylan Dryer and Al Roker combined!! (Not as good as Ginger Zee, and Sam Champion is untouchable.) If those fools can get it together, maybe news bloopers are actually on their way out!
    First comment of the New Year is a serious comparison of weather people! It’s going to be a good 2014 for Flanny! Full o’ laughs.

  2. Standing with your legs locked. Classic. If 6 years of choir taught me anything (and brother, it so did), it’s that standing with your legs locked on a riser is the fastest way to fainting in the middle of the Jenks Middle School Winter Concert. That, and the choir teacher’s son will get the lead in EVERY musical.

  3. This reporting is terrible. She didn’t slip! It was much more sublimely beautiful than that.

  4. On the train this morning there was a youngish dude who had a prolonged blooper where his foot kept slipping out from underneath him repeatedly for like a solid 45 seconds (and the train wasn’t even moving very fast or on a curve or anything). He claimed his foot was asleep but I think it was because he was wearing rain boots like some kind of dummy (though I didn’t fare much better in my serious snow boots because one of them has a leak of some sort and so I have one very cold wet foot, nice job already 2014).

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