To you:

And please take a break from celebrating the holidays with the people you love to come back and check out our annual favorites lists every day this week.



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  1. I’m guessing Mike is the Dad Snowman… Good fit for him.

    On a related topic Froggy Fresh has not dropped a bomb since the Feel-Good Hit of The Summer “Dunked On”

    I’m starting to get worried, guys.

    Also, Merry Christmas.

  2. Is this the end of the Videogum week? B-b-but…I have to keep working! What will I doooooooo?

  3. Wait. So that’s it? We’re done for the year? The year where Gabe left? The year we invented Silver Linings Cosplaybook? The year my job got busier and I started commenting less?

    Geez. Seems kind of anti-climatic.

  4. 2014: The year of the Kelly.

    • If I knew how to make GIFs I would make a GIF of Kelly’s face over Daenerys’s face making her dragons incinerate that slaveowner guy with Gabe’s face on his face and then all of our avatars over the faces of the Unsullied. But I don’t know how to make GIFs so you’ll just have to imagine it.

  5. When do we talk about Kate’s cousin’s haunted house????

  6. The timing of this is pretty convenient, since my dinner is going to consist entirely of cookies, chocolates, and doughnuts. Add onto that all of the free coffee someone left out, and I’m all set to be in a coma for the next week.

  7. I don’t see our stepdad Aaron Paul is everything okay?

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