This video of Beyoncé shopping at Wal-Mart and giving $50 to everyone in the store is obviously an advertisement for Beyoncé and Beyoncé and buying Beyoncé at Wal-Mart, and that might be a problem if I weren’t positive that we all own Beyoncé already and are therefor immune to this type of advertising and left to enjoy it for what it is: Beyoncé shopping, being so great, and doing something nice. U ARE TRULY A #QUEEN & I WANT YOUR HAIRCUT FOREVER! #prettyhurts #jk #itsgoooooood (via Buzzfeed.)

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  1. If I was Beyoncé I’m pretty sure I’d swan about dripping in jewels, yelling “BOW BEFORE ME, PEASANTS” while having muscular men in loincloths fan me and feed me grapes, so I will totally give her credit for not being me.

  2. This was very nice and sweet and, for as cynical as I typically am, I think it’s great and I don’t even mind that it’s both an advertisement AND it takes place at a Wal*Mart. I’m very happy for the people she helped with their shopping and I’m ALSO happy that she was holding that baby and just being so cute. So overall, this is a win.

    • And as cynical as I am (VERY), I assumed from the beginning that this was a big “Fuck You” to Target, since they refused to carry her new CD. And as much as I do not like Beyonce as a human being, my love of revenge-based marketing approves of this wholeheartedly.

  3. Beyonce!! Use the store intercom like you mean it! I worked it harder making the closing announcement at the pharmacy!

    Also, the best part was her and that little girl who just wanted to give her a hug! We are all that little girl!!!

  4. I cried? what is wrong with me…

  5. Nope. Can’t fool me. Nothing is getting past the ‘Eat the cake, Anna May’ lyric that Jay Z spouts on Drunk in Love.

  6. Did Bey ask the child at the beginning “How old is you?”

    Nobody will ever believe Blu Ivy is a billionaire.

  7. Ugh, I want to be her for like an hour. Not for the money or the fame or the voice or the Jay-Z.

    Just so I can dance like her. My lack of rhythm is my downfall.

  8. I really don’t get the adoration of this manufactured pop star.

  9. “Please buy my horsesh*t of an album that Sony/BMG made me sell early digitally! I’m losing a lot of money because Target & Amazon won’t carry it! This is not a publicity stunt, even though I haven’t been in a Wal-Mart since the 90′s!”

  10. YOU GUYS!
    Don’t really give an f about Beyonce or her beef with Target but more importantly it is funny to me that Beyonce went to Tewksbury! Haha!

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