I don’t know what “adjust your cute levels for maximum cute” is supposed to mean, but who cares, ARE YOU SEEING THIS VIDEO? (Via DailyPicks.)

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    I was not ready for the cuteness.

  2. Not as cute as my puppy! But she’s OK! ;)

  3. I needed cuteness this morning. Last night was one of those wonderful “I can feel my exhaustion in every cell in my body, but I just. Can’t. Fall. ASLEEP.” nights, and I’m starting to feel seriously Grinchy about Christmas, because it’s just going to be non-stop stress and too many people and not sleeping in my own bed (WHO HAS THEIR WEDDING ON THE SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS? WHO??

  4. They’re both gonna die someday, you know.

  5. That’s a solid URL, Kel

  6. ‘Hats off gentlemen’

  7. BABIES!!!!

  8. It’s cute now, just wait til it does that at 6am when its grown

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