When Gabe left back in August, the first question that most people would ask me about the future of Videogum was, “What’s going to happen to the end of the year viral video supercut?!” Which always seemed a little rude. Gabe died, and all you care about is who’s going to carefully string together the year in viral videos set to delightful music for your enjoyment? Show some respect! In any case, I would always say, “I guess I’m going to do it?” which didn’t do much to ease anyone’s nerves, but hey, here we are! The sixth annual Videogum Viral Video retrospective! Sixth! Think of how young we were back when it was the first! Needless to say, the past twelve months have brought us a lot of change here at Videogum (remember when we were three people?), but one thing we can always count on is ending the year with a wealth of great viral videos. Which is, at the very least, something. So let’s please start enjoying this montage — one that I am very excited to be able to add to the Videogum Viral Video Retrospective canon — (honestly, if the roles were reversed in the “future of Videogum” conversation, I probably would have also quickly asked about the viral video retrospective) — and remember the past twelve months in videos together!

And here is a full list of the videos used:

1. What Is Even The Point Of Professional Comedy?
2. Froggy Fresh – “Dunked On”
3. Just Say No!
4. Wow, We Are All 100% This Baby Walking On Ice
5. Feeling A Little Off?
6. Sledding FAILs Are Winter’s Trampoline Accidents
7. But Please Be Careful With Your Hairdo
8. Incredible Basketball Trick Shot Wait For It!
9. A Bunch Of Tuba Players Falling On Top Of Each Other
10. No One’s Going To Blame You For Falling Off Of Your Ladder
11. Don’t Eat Cat Vomit At Work Today
12. News Reporter Draws Penis
13. Ryan Lochte Local News Interview Is A Good Interview
14. Chris Webber Should Live Commentate On Everything
15. The Perfect Crime: Runner Poops In Yard Repeatedly
16. First Grader Banned From Performing Body Farts In Talent Show
17. This is Just a Very Good Cover of “Tonight You Belong To Me”
18. As Far As Memes Go, The Harlem Shake Is A Pretty Good One
19. This Weekend, We Are All This Alien Or Sloth
20. Quentin Tortellini
21. A Shia Surprise For Mr. Motorcycle
22. Healing
23. Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!
24. It Is Time For Chris Hansen To Arrest The Whole Internet
25. The Videogum Why Don’t You Caption It Contest: Astronaut Clipping His Fingernails
26. Tiny Darth Vader Skipping Through A Garden
27. Unicycling Darth Vader Plays Flaming Bagpipes
28. If You Die And Go To Hell You Are Definitely Locked In A Room With This For Eternity
29. Thank Goodness That Today Is Friday!
32. As Far As Memes Go, The “Harlem Shake” Is A Pretty Good One
33. Today We Are All The Little Boy In This “Hot Hot Hot – Dancing Heads” Video
34. Katherine Chloe Cahoon Makes Her Mark On The “Harlem Shake” Meme Perfectly And Right On Time
35. Oh No. Who Let The Backstreet Boys Out?
36. Thursday Afternoon Dance Break!
37. Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often
38. “I Have The Wine” By Johnny Cash
39. What Is Hentai? (Besides NSFW.)
41. Incredible Footage of Jack Nicholson As A Baby!
42. I Won’t Say That This NEVER Gets Old
43. Japanese Kindergarteners Perform “Day Man” From It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
44. The Best Phone Conversation In Movie Herstory
45. Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah Save The Date Rap Video (Oh Boy)
46. A Warning To The Others
47. Some Extraordinary News
48. Gary Busey Discusses Hobbits
49. How To Make A Grubby, Dirty-Looking Candle
50. Game of Patróns
51. Rockies’ Rene Lachemann Shouts Life Lessons At Phillies Fan
52. A Few Questions About This Bradley Cooper Haagen Dazs Commercial
53. This David Hasselhoff Advertisement For Iced Coffee Is Nuts
54. Well? Does This John Travolta Ad For Cachaca Make You Want Some Cachaca?!
55. Check Out Nelly’s Dope Cheerios Commercial #swag #swag #swag
56. I’m Marty Stouffer, Who Are You?
57. This Is Just A Good Pizza Review
58. Sen. Ted Cruz Reading Green Eggs And Ham, Or A Baby Eating Ice Cream For The First Time?
59. This Is Just A Good Anti-Gay Marriage Video
60. This Is Just Some Very Good Homophobic Slam Poetry
61. Worry About Yourself!
62. How Are There Not A Million Videos Like This Daft Punk + Soul Train Mash Up?
63. It’s Finally Time To Watch The Man Dancing With The Raccoon
64. Friday Dance Off!
65. Pinky The Flamingo Performs Her “Flamingo Flamenco”
66. Lady Dance-Quits Her Job In The Name Of Good Content
67. Late For Meeting
68. Friday Morning Dance Party
69. Treadmill Dance
70. Mattress Mick Knows How To Put Together An Ad!
71. Okay, Let’s Watch This Pantsuit Video
72. Summer Jam 2013: TomCattt’s “Yes Love”
73. This Is Just A Video Of A Man Dancing At A Willie Nelson Concert
74. Tilda Swinton’s Dance-Along Is Required Viewing For Everyone
75. Sesame Street “Get Lucky” Parody
76. Is “ABCDEFG” Patrice Wilson’s Cry For Help?
77. Barack Obama Sings “Get Lucky” 
78. Professional Wrestler Zack Ryder’s Hit Single “Hoeski”
79. Russian Amy Choir Sings “Get Lucky”
80. Prancercise: A Fitness Workout
81. Little Girl Hears Bad Brains, Is Immediately The Punkest
82. Babies Should Be The Only Ones Allowed To Dance
83. A Man Dancing To Ease The Fear
84. “My First Climb-In Balloon”
85. This Little Boy Is Today’s #1 Internet Hero

Comments (47)
  1. Does this mean that that terrifying picture from the best viral videos of 2012 will stop showing up on the sidebar??

  2. Nice sequencing here!

    59. This Is Just A Good Anti-Gay Marriage Video
    60. This Is Just Some Very Good Homophobic Slam Poetry
    61. Worry About Yourself!

  3. That’ll do, Internet. That’ll do.


  5. So much dancing! And prancing. And probably some of the other reindeer, too.

  6. This was absolutely stunning. I think only the words of Tiny Tim can express how awesomely the garbage internet gave this year: “God bless us, every one.”

  7. Yes! Great job!


  9. What a year! Bravo! Seeing the pizza reviewer in his fancy suit again makes my heart as warm as the inside of a domino’s pizza oven


    I forgot abou the kid in the suit that reviews fast food. He was my fav. Along with dad/daughter singalong duet.

    what was the one with the Patron bottle?

  11. ahhhhh, i forgot about that indian porn movie clip and now i’m just going to go back and watch it over and over again all day. #WILLIAMS

  12. Great job, Kelly.

  13. Quentin Tortellini has borrowed itself into my brain like an earwig but I’m strangely alright with it.

  14. ahhhh, i forgot about the best phone conversation in movie herstory and now i am just going to go back and watch it over and over again all day. #VILLIAMS

  15. Kelly, this is so good that now I’m wondering if we should re-open Gabe’s case to see if maybe you murdered him to take over the video retrospective duties. I forgot how blessed we were with wonderful videos this year, probably because the Harlem Shake cancels out most of the good in this world.

  16. Wonderfully chosen closer.

  17. Good job Kelly! Who’s Gabe?

    • Gabe was the guy who used to write most of the content on Videogum, before they brought in Kelly. Gabe Delasomething. He was kind of cranky, but he invented that whole rambling run-on paragraph style that everybody uses now.

  18. Ah, it seems like only yesterday that the ice cream baby was there to terrify and unsettle us and yet here we are, another year older another year something. Certainly not wiser, judging by these videos.

  19. Thanks for making my year fun, everybody! Especially Kelly!!

  20. The best viral videos of 2013? The Daft Punk + Soul Train mash up is the only one I’ve even seen before.

  21. oh my gosh kelly that was so good!

  22. I laughed, i cried, great job kelly!!!

  23. So, by transverse property, you’re the man now, dog. Great job!

  24. That was awesome!

  25. I was grading, so I missed this when it was originally posted, but thanks Kelly! This is exactly what I wanted to come here to see!!

  26. Knockout Ned  |   Posted on Dec 19th, 2013 +5

    where was I this year?

  27. I was getting worried there.. great job KCo!

  28. I love you, Videogum.

  29. Well played. Anyone else having trouble watching the first one from 2008? http://www.videogum.com/?p=040822

  30. Goodbye, yogurt man. Goodbye FOREVER.

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