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  • I clicked on this post about an Easter Egg in Home Alone that everyone probably missed thinking “yeah but who cares?,” which is rude, but actually I care and it is a pretty good Easter Egg that is helpful to the plot! THAT’LL SHOW ME! -/Film
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  1. Home Alone continues to reveal its secrets to us all as the years go by.

  2. I would’ve put Laura Linney’s Love Actually story line higher up on that list (because seriously, wtf), but otherwise, I agree.

    • I think the Laura Linney story would have made more sense if they hadn’t deleted the scene where they explain that Rodrigo Santoro’s wang turns into a sea cucumber at midnight.

      • But then we would’ve missed out on the very important message that you only get one chance to be with the person you’re in love with, and if it doesn’t go 100% perfectly right away, you can never try again and will be alone forever.

        • The one part of that story that is really ridic that nobody ever talks about is what the hell kind of looney bin is her brother in that gives him these insane phone privileges?

          • Yeah, no way would that happen. The whole thing makes zero sense, but Laura is so cute and Rodrigo is so hot that I end up feeling bad anyway, even though they both act like complete idiots.

          • That’s actually not that far-fetched. I know somebody in a mental hospital who is able to use the phone at any time, and even gets occasional vacation times. These things happen!

          • Yeah, but the brother was presented as mentally disabled, not just mentally ill. At most adult care centers, patients with special needs have pretty regulated schedules and definitely can’t do things like use the phone whenever they want (I work in the industry. Maybe it’s different in the UK, though).

  3. Is it weird that I love reading articles about how absurd all of the storylines in Love Actually are despite really loving Love Actually?

    • If it is, I’m weird too. I recognize that it’s terrible, but I watch it every time it’s on anyway.

    • Every time I think about how terrible that movie is, I think of that amazing scene with the kid doing crazy gymnastics to run through security to see his crush. Then I remember it was a bonus scene but I added it mentally because it’s so damn adorable.

      Also: The Milwaukee hot chicks thing never fails to make me laugh. Because it is true.

    • I don’t think it’s weird because I’m right there with you. It’s one of those things where I completely recognize how dumb/problematic the stories are but just don’t give a shit and love it anyway.

    • Also, here is a Love Actually true fact: my favorite part of that movie is when the cute little girl yells “I hate Uncle Jamie!” and a couple of years ago my sister cross-stitched that line with a nice Christmasy pattern for me and I put it on top of my tree every year.

  4. I grew up in Milwaukee, which is why British guys are super into me.

  5. I understand everything that is wrong with Love, Actually. I just don’t care. That movie is wonderful.

    Anyway, aren’t Christmas stories SUPPOSED to be inappropriate? The whole holiday is based around a woman who claimed to be a virgin even after she got pregnant!

  6. Question, is Die Hard Home Alone for grown ups or is Home Alone Die Hard 4 da kidz?

  7. I just spent ten minutes watching the end of Safe Haven and it paid off. The reveal made me so giddy I started waving my arms around in the air and yelling, “Yeahhhh!”

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