“Maybe we should just take a break!” Rachel said, “…A break from us.” And with those words, Ross left to dance to “With or Without You” and have sex with the copier girl. It was a tense day when it, and Ross, got back to Rachel — Monica and Phoebe were holed up in Monica’s room, waxing their legs, and Chandler and Joey were also in the room. Would they ever get out? Would they have to eat the wax? Would Rachel and Ross make up? Yes, yes, and no — not yet. Might the same fate befall Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes? Only tabloids, I mean time, will tell. From Radar:

Superstar couple Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are taking a break in their relationship after it was decided they were moving too fast, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

The 2 Fast 2 Furious actress and The Notebook hunk haven’t officially split, but, “there was a realization before Thanksgiving that they took things way too fast and were rushing toward a marriage that neither of them particularly needed,” a source told Radar.

“They’ve decided to take a break to reevaluate their romance.”

Still, according to the source, Gosling, 33, is the one who is undecided, but “Eva wanted to have his babies.”

The source sounds gooooooooood! It’s amazing that gossip sites always seem to nail down pretty decent sources. You’d think that because it would be in the best interest of a celebrity to keep all their juicy, sweeping, gender-based gossip to only their most trusted friends that the sites might have a hard time sending in their undercover agents, but the spys get that gossip every time just kidding I can’t believe how much garbage there is with which to fill our brains! But more importantly: WILL U B RYAN’S COPIER GIRL?!

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  1. And poor Blake Lively has been completely blindsided by all this.

  2. 2 Fast 2 Serious

  3. Jesus Christ when will anyone let the starlets have babies??!!! Stop witholding babies from all these starlets, you Hollywood assholes! There is an unjust number of empty uteruses wandering around these studios and it is time to fill those uteruses with the babies of leading men!!!

    What do we want?
    Hollywood Babies!!!

    When do we want them?

  4. “it was decided they were moving too fast”

    Who decided? Is this like the Truman Show? And Ed Harris is pulling the strings? Let them live their lives!

  5. Hey Girl! We here smokin’ actor Ryan Gosling and his gf Eva Mendes are on the outs. Oh no! Who would you like to see comfort this heartthrob?

    a. Rachel McAdams. I’ve seen the Notebook, and I know True Love when I see it!
    b. Emma Stone. They are so cute together! BFFs can become more!
    c. His dog. Maybe RyGos just needs some time to learn about himself and pal around with an adorable man’s best friend.
    d. An OS desinged for him like ScarJo in Her, In Theaters Now. The film was so romantic!
    e. An up and coming actress of his publicist’s choosing. He needs help finding the right girl!
    f. No one. The emptiness of existence must sometimes weigh on us all!
    g. Me! Hey, a girl can dream, right? ;)


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