Nothing sways a young skeptic like a bunch of evidence that doesn’t directly relate to the point that some dork is trying to prove, and the angelic voice of one of his buddies who has gained a bit of Internet stardom recently; I’ve always known that to be true. This is cool. Amen! (Via ChristianNightmares.)

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  1. The 90s were a glorious time for teenage boys’ haircuts.

  2. An argument so powerful he didn’t even need to rest his case.

  3. That poor little gayby is hated and loathed by Kirk now.

  4. I can’t which videos on my work computer, so I’m just going to assume–and hope–that no bananas were involved this time.

  5. This Sam kid seemed pretty on the ball for a while.

  6. Could you imagine being at a friends house thinking you were going to mall and THIS HAPPENED. I would have GTFO of there and fast. The only religious thing i had to endure was once i ate dinner at a friends house and they all hands and prayed before without their grandparents being there!

    • I had an Irish Catholic babysitter who told me when I was 4 or 5 that the Jews killed Jesus. Horrified, I confronted my parents with this fact. They killed the babysitter and used her blood to make matzohs. That or they just fired her. Either way, I never saw her again.

  7. The Full House tag is because that kid plays Derek, who steals Michelle’s role as Yankee Doodle in the school play, right?

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