• Lifetime’s Lizzie Borden movie trailer, you guys. -Lifetime
  • Comedy Bang Bang’s 2013 Holiday Spectacular episode is available for listening, and features lots of #faves! What a holiday treat! -Earwolf
  • Matt Damon and Robert DeNiro might be doing a Rounders sequel, which is exactly how I like my news: unsure and about a movie sequel. Those are my only two quals! (Qualifications.) -FilmDrunk
  • Speaking of news that is kind of like that, Danny Strong, who adapted The Hunger Games: MockingJay, is writing a Guys and Dolls remake. But who should play the guys and who should play the dolls?! -/Film
  • And finally: Sherlock meets The Doctor. -Uproxx
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  1. No lie. After our experience at the Lizzie Borden House this fall, Flanny and I are super psyched about the Lizzie Borden movie!

  2. I look forward to counting the number of “whacks” in the Lizzie Borden movie.

  3. Earwolf also put out a teaser episode for Andy Daly’s Podcast Pilot Project and it sounds super great.


  4. I hope the Rounders sequel is mostly Matt Damon and Edward Norton sitting in a seedy casino, playing the same video poker machines for hours on end while trying to smoke around their oxygen tanks.


  6. Did anyone else watch Once Upon a Time last night and was SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED by whatever it is that happened that I do not want to spoil for those who did not see it?

    Also when the ending started with 8:15, I got really nervous that these former LOST writers did not learn from past mistakes… or they’re just being funny. Either way…

  7. Just a warning, on the CBB Xmas Podcast, Jason Mantzoukas is guilty of being deliberately obtuse.

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