Remember when the Internet didn’t exist? (Thanks for the tip, Nick!)

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  1. I bet these people never even get drunk in the morning.

  2. I’m just guessing here, but these people live in LA, right?

    • Definitely not. They would at least be pretending to be humble about what movie they were in. And they have a nice lawn with big trees around their house, in what appears to be a quiet neighborhood, so, no.

  3. good luck with your video business you crazy kooks

  4. I think it says a lot about me as a person that I just kept thinking UGH. As in ‘ugh, your kid did a triathlon? Ugh she can count in Chinese? Ugh YOU did an Iron Man? Ugh you’re in a movie? Ugh, you’re putting down hipsters?’ Because understandably all of these things are fine, but I find myself annoyed enough when people post like things to Facebook, let alone make an entire video about it. I realize I was probably NOT the intended audience, but I gotta assume it was their family, who I feel may have injured themselves with all of their eye rolling. I do enjoy Christmas jammies though, so thumbs up for that.

  5. These people are whiter than me.

  6. can the beastie boys please sue them too

  7. Between this and watching Rare Exports yesterday, I’d say Christmas is ruined this year.

  8. Remember when the Pennternet didn’t exist?

  9. I really hope this is how he told his job he was quitting.

  10. I was totally on board with this whole thing right up to point where it turned out to be a promo for their new business. Totally cute family, I’m happy they have what seems to be a really nice life, shame they manipulated my emotions so much because now I don’t trust anyone wearing Christmas jammies.

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