No thanks. (Preferably, you do it on television.) (This is also how you do it, everybody!) (Via reddit.)

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  1. “Well, Tony, I see a cold front turning into a lonely weekend coming your way, along with some sleepless hours tonight, pondering what made you get shut down on live television. As always make sure to pack some aloe for that burn.”


  3. People who ask out other people in public, knowing full well that by doing so their target will feel pressured to say yes because they don’t want to look like a jerk, are…well, not my LEAST favorite people because of, like, murderers and whatever, but they’re on the list.

  4. “She’s probably just gotta spend the weekend corralling her bats” is what he tells himself

  5. Wow, she really fucked that chicken.

  6. On the bright side, double the barbies for this guy

  7. I was hoping that link would be to Montel Jordan. He’s a big G. Hundred dollar bills, y’all.

  8. To be fair, a typical barbie consists of fighting off drop bears and yowies.

  9. He made a good face after. Like “Whoa, who saw that coming?” So I will award him a recovery point. But she was so quick it makes me think he’s probably had that coming for a while and that everyone who works there saw it coming except him.

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