I know sledding down a roof can be fun, bird, but what happens when you fall off? What are you going to do then?! That’s what I thought. BE SAFE. BE AWARE. STAY ON THE GROUND INSIDE OF YOUR BIRD HOUSE. (Thanks for the tip, Claire!)

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  1. I love that before it starts to sled it looks around to make sure it’s bird boss isn’t looking.

  2. That’s bird’s actually white, you know. He’s just filthy.

  3. Someone needs to sit down with that bird and tell him the old adage about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

  4. great job, bird! very charming! Also love that he can’t help that “must flap wings when falling” urge

  5. TIL that learning that birds like to go sledding would blow my mind.

  6. Crows know too much.

  7. I love birds.

  8. Hey look! It’s a non-mammal using a tool explicitly for the act of having fun! I believe more than one anthropology professor owes me a better grade from 1996-1998! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

    • My god, you’re old.

    • Not fun — MURDER. He used that sled to smoothen out the snow so it would reflect the sun more effectively to dazzle his prey. He was building a trap, badidea, a trap designed to kill, and then because he is only a bird he forgot what he was doing and flew off. Later, he ate the sled and died. Idiot!

      NO BUT FOR REALS: I was taught (in CCD, age 7?) that animals are distinct from us — F that. They are the same. We are all on a continuum or spectrum. Animals play games and have imaginations and they dream — elephants have a super complex society — even crocodiles care about their babies. All anyone has to do is pay attention for one day to a cat and it gets very obvious.

      You guys, I seriously am eating less bacon lately because of an upsetting PETA video, and this sledding bird only builds the less-bacon case. #radical #animalsarehumanstoo #stilleatingsomebacon #nobama

  9. Would that bird be free for some après-sled wine spritzers back at the lodge? Asking for a friend.

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