How was your day? Are you feeling overwhelmed because it’s already December 11th and you have so much work to do before the end of the year, and don’t even mention gift buying work because you’ve barely started on that, and it’s nearing the time when you won’t be able to order things online and have them ship in time? Or did you (“you” meaning Gwyneth Paltrow’s celebrity fitness instructor, in this case) and Gwyneth Paltrow get a weight loss television show together? …? Which one was it? From The Cut:

“We’ve shot it all. It’s totally done,” said [Tracy] Anderson, adding that the series is mostly based on interviews with women who have overcome major life challenges — the loss of a child, the loss of a limb, a terrible prognosis — through physical health. And there may be more opportunities to see the duo interact with the general population soon.

Anderson said in addition to the web series, she’s working on a television show with Ryan Seacrest Productions that will also involve Paltrow. “We’re doing one for a major network,” she said. “It’s about weight loss and love.” (A rep for Ryan Seacrest Productions said she “can’t confirm that right now.”)

“Can’t confirm that right now. Just realized it was December 11th. Have to do, oh my god, so many things. Having a panic attack. Feeling suddenly very sleepy. Sorry. Get back to you when I can.” AHHHHHHHH! But anyway, that will be nice to watch just kidding! HOW WAS YOUR DAY?

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  1. My day has been alright! Earlier this week my wife’s crazy Aunt sent us a book about gnomes for Christmas, which I’m still enjoying very much.

    I’m not talking about a childrens’ book featuring whimsical gnomes. This is just straight up a textbook about gnomes, basically. It has every detail about gnomes you could possibly hope to never learn. And there are illustrations. And they do show gnome boobies. It is perfect.

  2. Oh good. As with everything Gwyneth does, that show doesn’t show completely obnoxious at ALL.

    My day was good! Did a little flirting, got a lot of work done, wrote my grandma a letter and sent it with her Christmas present, AND a giant bucket of candy was waiting for me when I got home. (Harry London sells candy in giant buckets around the holidays. A family tradition has never been formed so quickly.)

  3. It’s very cold out there today! But I got a lot done anyway even though everyone seemed to be driving very slowly.

  4. Work is eh, but I had a salted chocolate chip cookie so that was nice.

  5. It’s only 2:30 in LA, so a lot could go wrong this afternoon, but as of now, it’s OK! I think my roommate got me sick :( she always gets sick and then never does anything about it, so it just hangs around our place forever. Usually I’m immune but not this time, I guess. But I finally understood the Kepler’s laws and the difference between sidereal time and solar time. Also I’ve got almost all of my Christmas gifts AND a ride to the airport next week sorted away, so, ups and downs, I guess!

  6. I bought new gloves and used them to help me carry a heavy case of beer home in the cold.

  7. My day is OK. The best part will be when I get home and see my dogs’ faces.

  8. I found a new apartment today, so pretty goddamn good.

  9. I turned in my big paper today (still have one more to write) so I’m feeling better, even though I’m sure the paper was a piece of shit. But it’s done, and I feel better about my life. I did find out that I no longer have the energy to bust out a 20 page paper in a sustained 8 hours.

    • I still have one due on Sunday. It’s a big’un, too, since I know absolutely not one damn thing about corporate finance. I feel your pain.

      • Ugh. Godspeed. Also, does anyone really know anything about corporate finance? Maybe you could write about that?

        • No!!! It is some black magic voodoo bullshit! If your job consists entirely of turning money into more money, then you are a goddamn wizard and should be burned at the stake. Did you know that coporate raiders can conduct a hostile takeover of a firm by buying out all of the stock? But if the executives don’t want to be taken over, they can buy the stock BACK for more than the raiders paid for it? And the end result is that the raiders basically make millions of dollars to not take over a company AND THIS IS A JOB THAT IS REAL AND LEGAL.

          Sadly, though, my paper cannot simply be a rant about what a terrible subject corporate finance is. I have to compare 5 years of financial data for Southwest and Delta, which is ALMOST AS GOOD.

          • Yikes. So Mr. Dork now works for a financial company and had to take a huge exam called the series 7 so that he could advise people about their stocks, etc. And he said all of the laws, etc were basically made to keep people from understanding just how terrible and underhanded the financial world is. So….I’m sorry???

  10. i went out to lunch with my bff from high school then got my hairs did. Now i’m working, watching Holiday in handcuffs and holding a sleeping babby.

  11. I won bowling last night at the office holiday party with a score of 117, NBD.

  12. Really excited to hang out with my portable space heater when I get home.

  13. Pretty okay. Very busy, actually. There’s an event I’m helping put on on Tuesday and everyone started getting very stressed about it this afternoon, which I do not like. However, on my walk home, I realized that the boss who is getting the most stressed is going to be out tomorrow and Friday and then in CT on Monday, so I won’t get getting her residual stress and her frantic worried face all the time!
    And as always, One Direction remains popular in my brain.

  14. I was profiled for my department’s newsletter today and it’s just like a silly “What’s your most embarrassing moment?” type survey, but one of the questions was “What famous person would you most like to have lunch with?” and I said RuPaul and they took out ONLY that question when they sent it out so I’m pretty sure that they deemed it inappropriate somehow? Which is very offensive to me because I was 100% sincere and if the powers that be have a problem with that then they can SASHAY AWAY.

  15. just had my last class session for my 19th century french lit seminar. the professor was super aware that no one in this 9-person class did the reading and, like a champ, just talked at us about french linguistics to fill the time.

    also the book we were supposed to be reading was “La Vagabonde” by Colette and one person had accidentally bought the English version, and another person had accidentally bought a translation of the Danielle Steel novel “Wanderlust,” the French title of which is, coincidentally, “La Vagabonde.” so it was a pretty amusing 2 hours.

    plus, i barely wanted to be dead today so that was pretty nice (#depressionlife)

  16. work was crazy busy and stupid and there weren’t enough people working and it was a gross nightmare and i barely got out in time to catch my bus EXCEPT then the bus didn’t even show up because the valley transit authority is dumb garbage, so now i’m stuck waiting for the next one, which is going to be packed full of TEENS, and i haven’t eaten all day and i’m hungry and angry and the guy sitting next to me at the bus stop is just growling and yelling “DIE YOU PIECE OF SHIT” at no one in particular and uuuuugh. BUT, i am going to see book of mormon tomorrow, so.

  17. I listened to R Kelly’s new album and laughed for 49 straight minutes. The man is a genius (pun INTENDED).

  18. My day was okay. I accidentally trapped my bangs under my headphones so they looked ridiculous all day. I traded some snapchats with mr truck who is out of town all week. Snapchat is pretty fun, you guys, even if you’re not using it for dick pics. (To clarify, mr truck and i were not using it for dick pics) (although if we were, who cares worry about yourself, I just sort of mean that I wasn’t sending the female equivalent of dick pics while at work) Also my phone just rang and I had forgotten I put it on the Christmas ringtone of “All I Want For Christmas is You” (extra festive) except they were calling to tell me that part of my dinner order (the part I was most looking forward to) is unavailable, but I’m subbing something else delicious so I can’t complain.

    • Also I just got to skype with my niece who is 14 months old and she’s very cute. They had her hair in two tiny ponytails on the top of her head like antenna. She looks like a dr. seuss character.

  19. I took a sick day from work yesterday because I needed to get my car battery replaced and then today I woke up with a cold because karma’s a bitch. So now I keep accidentally sneezing phlegm into my hair which is pretty gross. And like Flanny, One Direction remains popular in my brain.

  20. Also, if you really are still looking for a unique christmas gift, I have a recommendation! I don’t know this guy and I’m not a paid sponsor (in fact I’ve bought like 4 things from him so I”m kind of the opposite) but anyway there’s this artist who sells prints on etsy and I seriously love his stuff.
    It’s very colorful and playful and violent and goofy and I love it all. But maybe order soon because shipping and all that.

  21. I don’t get paid for holidays, so was sitting at work trying to figure out how I can survive on a paycheque that will be 5 days short for Christmas and New Year’s, and then my boss came in and told me that most of the kids won’t be here for the school holiday so we can’t justify full staff, so for the 2 week period from Dec 22 to Jan 5 I will be working 2 days. I will have a 2 day paycheque. I have no fucking idea what I’m going to do and I’m a little panicky.

    • Have you considered robbing a Subway?

    • Temp? I’m sure you can arrange something with a temp agency ahead of time. I’m sure lots of places need people as everyone will also be off during this period. Think of it as an adventure. You could go to a new place every few days and report back here on all the weirdness.

      I temped for over a year after uni since I couldn’t find a decent job.


  22. Toddler’s lone forehead stitch was removed today. Now let’s all stay healthy the rest of the year, okay?!?

    • Oh no! Hope everyone is recovered from both the stitches and the scare of having to deal with the stitches. My kid has a new found love of finding glass objects and throwing them on the ground so I feel like this experience may not be too far in our future. I’ve gotten pretty good at remembering to sweep the room for water glasses and such before she enters but then the other day she just straight up tipped over a floor lamp.

      • We asked the ER if they had a frequent visitor card we could get punched for a free coffee or something. Third visit in last three months (between two little kids).

  23. Hey! You guys are clever! I need a suggestion for a way to prepare my Christmas ham! I usually use a brown sugar & lime glaze, but I’m thinking of switching things up this year. Any suggestions?

    • I did an apricot glaze once, but it was a really long time ago and I don’t remember the exact recipe(sorry). It was super delicious, though, so looking up some apricot glaze recipes might be worth it. I can’t imagine they’re all that different.

    • Dr. Pepper. Swear to god. Just coat it in that.

      • I was also going to suggest Dr. Pepper! Not because I’ve tried it, I hate ham, but I’ve heard from lots of other ppl that it’s really good.

  24. My ex and a family friend from childhood both died Monday. I have four phd applications due Sunday, which is also my 30th birthday.
    It’s been a long week today.

  25. P.S. Since I am CLEARLY willing to do absolutely anything that is not one of the million things I have to do by Sunday, I’ve managed to drag myself into the furthest depths of the internet, and I cannot NOT share this with all of you:

  26. I’m a little bit tipsy in Tampa. I get to fly back to Chicago tomorrow night. As much as I love the warm weather, Chicago>anywhere.

    And on Friday I get drunk with coworkers at the holiday party. Lots of free drinking. As a 25 year-old, free drinking is where it’s at.

  27. I’ve spent the past 48 hours — maybe more if you include sleep — immersed in vector-driven software. Pray for me.

  28. Ugh, it’s been a pretty stressful week. We took a long weekend trip last weekend and my kid was ‘that baby’ on the plane. It was like she was possessed by the devil. The normally very nice British ppl were commenting and giving us dirty looks. We are getting on a much much longer flight next week and now I’m terrified. Also, my former boss just got back to me about the paper that we are working on and he changed everything. Like a months worth of work and he was like “no, F that, we are starting over.” Which is super awesome.

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