It’s not often that two opposite soccer mates can assist each other in a major backwards whoopsie shot, but Glen Rea and Kris Twardek completed this little single right on the green! Mr. Rea passed the ball from the noggin to the kicker, while Mr. Twardek went with the leggie-fake and faceballed it frontwards. We are truly living in special times, and I can’t wait to tell my children about all the expert players and play plans on which I had and continue to have the privilege of commenting! (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. Kelly sounds like she’s non-ironically describing hacky sack.

  2. FINALLY a great clip for the sport I most like to call a sport

  3. This is exactly how I broke my front tooth for the third time.

  4. A+ sportsy commentary

  5. america’s funniest videos right here

  6. Like the grassy knoll shot, back and to the left.

  7. Loved the 1x normal play into 3x slow motion format but why remove the sound? Slow motion sounds are the best. Weird move, editor.

  8. Checking in on fantasy sports: I made it to the playoffs in the league that counts, and I have a decent chance of winning the whole thing. Chris Trash made it to the playoffs in the league that doesn’t count, and who cares about his chances because it doesn’t count.

  9. This is almost as funny as this:

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