We have a bunch of not-for-me trailers to get to after the jump, but while we’re here I also want to mention two things: the House of Cards season two trailer is here, and it looks great! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT SHOW TO COME BACK! Also, Rashida Jones, James Franco, and also other people make cameos in the trailer for Gary Shteyngart’s upcoming memoir, Little Failure, and it’s a real treat! Two treats! Okay, now let’s watch the movie trailers, I don’t really like any of them!


Hey, it’s the new Taylor Swift-type character from Nashville! It’s funny how at the beginning of Nashville I bet they figured Juliette Barnes would be the Taylor Swift-type character, but now times have changed and Taylor Swift has changed and they had to introduce a whole new character to be the Taylor Swift-type character. Hah. Ahhh. Nashville. The best. Can you believe that guy is going to kill himself and also the mayor’s new wife is probably dead?! (PS: “Bury the hurt” is def good advice and I don’t know why it caused anything other than happiness.) (PPS: “We swore not to talk about it! RAAAH!”)

Edge of Tomorrow

“What if a video game was a Groundhog Day movie, + Moon, and a little bit Eternal Sunshine?” It certainly looks like the type of movie that Tom Cruise does these days! I will give it that!


This actually does look great. Scary in a way that most Godzilla movies aren’t, and scary in a way that more Godzilla movies should be. (Though I didn’t hear ANY Wallflowers in the trailer, which could be a mistake!!) Also Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, and Bryan Cranston?! Give me a break!

Jupiter Ascending

Every girl’s dream!

Bad Words

I don’t know about this movie, and I don’t know about Jason Bateman as this character, but I do know that THAT LITTLE BOY IS SO SWEET! Man oh man! What a damn cutie!

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  1. If the new Godzilla is actually good, I will freak ooooouuuuuttt. All the old Japanese monster movies were a huge, huge part of my childhood, because my dad correctly assumed that children love super weird stuff and taped them all for us. (My favorite is still Mothra, where about 20 minutes after we see a headline that reads “20,000 PEOPLE DEAD,” everyone’s all happy and smiling because they figured out that Mothra just wanted her tiny friends back so they just let her go.)

  2. God, that one movie looks like such a Cloverfield ripoff.

  3. Haha @ Nic Cage saying “I’m out of the game, you know that!” in that trailer.

  4. Jupiter Ascending sounds so amazing. I hope they don’t fuck it up.

  5. Is the Hannibal Classics’ logo (see the beginning of the latest Nic Cage disaster trailer) designed to make you think it’s a swastika? I had to rewind it three times to assure myself that, no, it isn’t a swastika.

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