Pop the champagne and po’ it up (that’s cool, right? we’re off to a cool start?) because it’s GUMMY AWARDS TIME! Truly the most satisfying award doled out in awards season, because you (and Stereogum readers) get to be the boss, rather than some man on a cloud with a white beard or whoever usually picks entertainment award winners. In the next few days we’ll be announcing your choices for the year’s best television shows, movies, and viral videos, beginning today with television. WHAT A YEAR IT WAS! As has been the norm for the last few years, there were so many great things to watch on television this year that your favorites might not have even MADE IT TO THE LIST. (Like House of Cards, for example.) (And also Nathan for You.) (And Comedy Bang Bang.) (When I said “your favorites” I did mean “my favorites.”) And yet, the list is still full of great television and 100% correct, because you made it. Let’s get to it! DRUMROLL PLZ.

10. Masters of Sex

9. Eastbound & Down

8. Bob’s Burgers

7. American Horror Story

6. Orange Is The New Black

5. The Walking Dead

4. Mad Men

3. Parks and Recreation

2. Game of Thrones

1. Breaking Bad

And here it is in plain list form:

10 Masters Of Sex
09 Eastbound & Down
08 Bob’s Burgers
07 American Horror Story
06 Orange Is The New Black
05 The Walking Dead
04 Mad Men
03 Parks and Recreation
02 Game Of Thrones
01 Breaking Bad

And with the list, my yearly reminder that I should absolutely be caught up on Game of Thrones by now, but am not. Whoops! Soon, I hope! I hear it’s second only to Breaking Bad! HOORAY BREAKING BAD! So sad to see you go, but so happy to see you go out on top. [Applause] [Applause] Indeed, congratulations to all of our winners. Especially Masters of Sex, which I haven’t seen but want to see so bad, and which I don’t understand how so many of you are watching because it’s not on iTunes and I know you don’t have that channel. Sooo what do you guys think of your list? Perfect or not perfect?

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  1. The absence of Sleepy Hollow is a blight on this community.

    • That show must have gotten a whole lot better than when it started then, because it sure seemed like a hokey piece of crap from the first episode or two.

  2. who voted for the walking dead? show yourself!
    although completely agree with #1 and #2 if impact on my life is any indication

  3. Boardwalk Empire called and it said go fuck yourself Gummy Awards.

  4. Does anyone who comments here endorse Masters of Sex? My roommate has it on his media box and I’ve considered checking it out.

  5. Sons of Anarchy was hella good this season, you guys. But, yes. Breaking Bad.

  6. Yay Bob’s Burgers!

  7. No Adventure Time?

  8. Speaking from very recent experience, you can get through all of Game of Thrones pretty fast!

    Also this is a decent list but justice for Drag Race!

  9. No Arrested Development… C’MON!!

  10. Parks and Rec before Mad Men, I must say I’m proud of you all.
    And I voted for Breaking Bad, because, yeah, well, of course.

  11. Let’s not forget about Veep–this season was great!

  12. No Archer? Pam is not pleased.

  13. No The One Season of Antiques Roadshow That’s On Netflix For Some Reason?

    • Have you ever seen the British version? It’s very British.

      • I assume it’s just the Queen rummaging through her closet.

        “Well, this pile of rubies is definitely worth more than the 20 pounds you think they’re worth because you’ve been disconnected from regular society so many decades. But… they’re going to be devalued because they are indeed blood rubies mined by African children who have long since perished.”

  14. Also, Game of Thrones is a better show than Breaking Bad.

    (prepares for merciless beating)

  15. The Walking Dead is a BAD show. When are we all going to acknowledge that it’s not even worth hate-watching?

    I have my doubt about American Horror Story though I haven’t seen any of the third season. The first season was kind of trashy good. I just started Asylum and am finding it trashy boring.

    • the second season of the walking dead is hands down the worst season of television i have ever seen, and the only reason i stuck with it was for gabe’s recaps. people keep saying it’s gotten better, but there is no way it was actually gotten GOOD.

  16. i only watch two of these shows (well, three, but i am VERY behind on eastbound & down) but they are two very good shows and i’m glad to see them here! although i feel like bob’s burgers should probably be higher. not saying it’s better than breaking bad but it’s definitely better than breaking bad. also, walking dead but no JUSTIFIED??? gabe is rolling over in his grave!

  17. I voted for Breaking Bad, but since then I watched all of Nathan For You. I love Breaking Bad, but Nathan Fielder has my heart.

  18. Homeland, News Room, Boardwalk. I haven’t watched House of Cards, but I hear good things there, too.

    Happy enough with BB at the top, but don’t care for American Horror Story (from what I’ve seen, which is limited) and I don’t think Orange is the New Black is nearly as good as some of these lists I’m seeing do. Not bad, but not Top 10 material. I also *prepare your crucifixes* never though Mad Men was all that great, but I didn’t really watch much past the first half of the first season. I suppose I’m overdue to give it another go.

    I like Game of Thrones, but talk about overrated. It’s kind of a trashy fucking show, and slow to boot. It would make my Top 10, just not as high. Walking Dead isn’t exactly the highest quality writing in the world, either, but the acting is usually solid and I watch it for what it is.

    Cool to see Bob’s Burger’s which is the best new Adult Swim show in what feels like eons.

  19. Oh yeah, Eastbound had a great sendoff, too.

  20. No Gilmore Girls???

  21. Conner Oburst  |   Posted on Dec 23rd, 2013 0

    bb , nathan for you, rectify, its always sunny, parks and rec my list is best

  22. Jonathan Berry  |   Posted on Dec 24th, 2013 0

    I know it hasn’t caught on yet, but Orphan Black is the best new show out there. I was very happy to see Parks & Rec, GOT, Breaking Bad, and (YES, I do watch) The Walking Dead. But seriously you gotts see Orphan Black on BBC America. Tatiana Maslany’s acting is incredible, she plays like 5 different roles. It is the best new show this year, hands down.

  23. Awesome list. I’m madly in love with Bob’s Burgers, Thrones, Orange, AHS, and I believe that Parks and Rec is the best show on TV. Not often I see similar taste on one of these lists. Well done. http://bit.ly/1jSXipV

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