1. Did you forget to get someone a gift? Uh-oh. Well. Huh. I mean, you’re creative, right? What do you do, draw? Just draw them something. Maybe a picture of the both of you. Don’t make it Christmas themed, because you’re giving it to them on Christmas and they won’t be able to display it until next year, but make it winter themed, like you guys standing in snow. Oh, I don’t know, if you don’t have anything to draw with just do it in pencil. Pen is fine, yeah.
2. Huh. I mean, you have cardboard, right? Just cut four pieces of cardboard and glue them together for a frame.
3. Oh. Do you have honey? Just use honey.
4. I guess you’re right that you need something underneath the cardboard and above the drawing to protect it. Do you have saran wrap or anything? If you got take out recently maybe there was some on that. Wrap it around the photo and attach it to the cardboard with the honey from before.
5. Now just wrap it in wrapping paper.

6. Oh, you don’t have wrapping paper? JUST USE AN OLD POTATO CHIP BAG, APPARENTLY.
7. Lick the crumbs off and tie garbage around it.
8. Throw it in your messenger bag.
9. Throw your messenger bag in a mailbox.
10. It’s mail now.


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  1. Adding scented oil to someone’s furnace filter seems more like a terrible prank than a lifehack.

  2. Pretty sure yankee candles already smell like doritos anyway, so why not?

  3. If somebody’s going to give me a chip bag for Christmas there had better be chips in it.

  4. That bread clip tip is garbage. That’s a real quick way to tear the plastic tape down the edge of the bread clip and then you can never not have split tape. Just fold it over on itself at the end, LIKE AN ADULT! plus then your bread won’t get stale.

    • Is your bread going stale because you used the bread clip to keep track of the end of a roll of tape? Watch my next video, “10 More Life Hacks That Became Necessary After You Incorporated Those First 10 Into Your Lifestyle.”

  5. What would be more environmentally friendly than cutting up a cardboard box would be using the box for presents next year.

    • We have one gift bag that’s been in service for about 8 years now. Oh wow I think that makes me the queen of cheap.

      • We have a box we use that was sent to us by my aunt in upstate New York from a store that hasn’t been in business for about fifteen years, I’d guess.

        • I reuse everything, but I also start off with fancy ribbons that have little wires in them because the bows look amazing and you can reuse them every year. Good foil wrapping paper lasts forever too. I make super expensive looking wrapped presents and inside they’re filled with Ollie’s ignored toys or other not exciting stuff. Wrapping presents is my favorite, which is nice because unwrapping presents is my dog’s favorite. If I have to go back to that hellscape nightmare factory that is Michael’s (they have a yarn I like on sale sometimes), I’m going to try using cloth because then my wrappings are 100 percent reuseable.

        • My TV is on the other side! EXPEDIT high-five!

  6. 11. Alienate your friends and family so you don’t have to deal with Christmas at all

  7. I love my Christmas life hack:

  8. “Use a penny instead”?! Good grief, life hacks youtube page, not all of us are made of money.

  9. Sure, the people who are at the point of wrapping “something you think could serve as a gift” in potato chip bags have restaurant-style condiment bottles to frost with

  10. Did they put a fruit-flavored candy cane in hot chocolate?

  11. And I’d rather receive cardboard covered in honey than a Yankee Candle for Christmas.

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