Don’t be too cocky about your YouTube video, dude. This shit would never make it on America’s Funniest (Home) Videos. Yeah, the wedding was poorly timed and everyone’s feet got wet, but NO ONE EVEN FELL. The bride’s face didn’t get any wet sand on it. The priest didn’t fall on the groom’s crotch. The wedding party didn’t slip-slip-slip trying to run away from the wave, only to fall right into the wave. Save the “America’s Funniest Videos right here” comment for when you get something worthy, little bro. Until then please stick to, “I’m putting this on YouTube,” or something like, “HEY, SAMMY! HEY, SAMMY, COME HERE YOU GOTTA COME AND CHECK THIS OUT.” Thank you, and good morning. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Maybe they were marrying the sea.

  2. This doesn’t contribute to the discussion in any way, but I won’t let that stop me.

  3. Who is this creeper observing a wedding from afar? I hope not the professional videographer because there is a lady in a hooded sweatshirt vest in the shot. Least useable/most creepy wedding video since Andrew Lincoln’s in Love Actually.

  4. If I had been invited to that wedding and seen how narrow the beach was, I would have immediately gone and looked at tidal charts for the area and privately bemoaned that nobody had done the same in planning it. I’m not bragging here so much as confessing.

  5. “God. I can almost hear Tom Bergeron now. What’s he going to say when he tees this off? ‘Nice day for a wet wedding’ or ‘Here comes the tide?’ *chuckles* Classic. This is going to be classic.”

  6. You guys, I can’t laugh because I forgot a belt today! :-/

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