I’ve still got snow on the brain, which is mostly my fault, but it’s partly because there is nothing else going on out there today. Do you want to watch a teaser for the fifth season of Community? You can, but that’s just about all you can do! (You can also watch a young Amy Adams in her first ever on-camera appearance from last night’s Late Night, but now I’m really dipping into “Morning Links” territory, and IT’S NOT TIME FOR THAT YET.) So, I thought, hey, why not just talk about what we all really want to talk about: the new St. Vincent song our favorite snow day television episodes and movies! Meaning, ones that have snow in them! When I was young, I would always watch the “Cash” episode of The Young Ones on snow days, so I’ve included a clip after the jump. What else? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? The Simpson’s “Mr. Plow,” a clip of which is also included after the jump? Do you like to watch Fargo when it snows, maybe? The NYC Prep episode where PC drinks iced coffee in the snow, of which I cannot find a clip, which is insane, there should be an easy-to-access clip of that on the Internet? Eeeek, do you like to watch The Grey when it snows, you monster? The episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelei talks about how it snowed after she wished that something magical would happen to her, the clip of which you can conveniently find after the jump?! TELL MEEEEEE!

The Young Ones:

The Simpsons:

Gilmore Girls:

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  1. My favorite snow day movie is Snow Day by Nickelodeon, probably.

  2. Band of Brothers marathon, please.

  3. Little Women, any Harry Potter movie, definitely a ton of Simpsons episodes, and most of Northern Exposure.

  4. Love and War and Snow is a good Gilmore Girls episode but I’m usually more inclined to watch The Bracebridge Dinner because DUH it has Jess! Also the Gossip Girl episode where the power of Dan and Serena Doing It for the first time makes it magically start snowing! And how about the Full House episode where they get stuck in the airport on Christmas Eve and Stephanie is a huge brat about how Santa won’t be able to bring her presents?

  5. Marathon tv shows, definitely. The kind that you can just hit the button and get the next episode and stay warm under the blanket the whole time.

  6. game of thrones? because of that one line they always say? (ps im kidding i <3 the crap out of game of thrones)

  7. Oh man, let’s all watch The Shining tonight!

  8. When I was a teen I used to watch a tape I had of Devon Sawa on various talk shows promoting Wild America, because my mom would generally still have to go to work, so I’d have the house to myself and could watch whatever I wanted.
    Last time we had a blizzard I started watching Inspector Lewis, which is not snowy, but is cozy-feeling (besides all the murder). And this year I am planning on watching 1D’s whole run on X-Factor when we get a snow day.
    But! Ever since I watched all of the Baby-Sitters Club TV show a couple weeks back, I’ve been itching to get to my mom’s and read Super Special #3: Baby-Sitters’ Winter Vacation, where they go to a ski resort and have winter Olympics and Mary Anne investigates a ghost! I’m a child, okay, what do you want from me?

    • Lewis, Miss Marple, and Poirot are perfect cozy day marathon go-tos. Which is weird because of the high body count, but what can you do.

      The Babysitter’s Club super specials (and the mysteries!) were legit, but I don’t think I could read any of them now without constantly thinking YOU ARE THIRTEEN WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS the whole time.

  9. I don’t know. I’d probably catch The Price Is Right on tv in the morning then try to bug Husbandglue into playing a game of Risk with me that will last 9 hours.

  10. oh man. i am a monster. i do like to watch The Grey when it snows….nothing like a methodical and haunting tale of the persistence and inescapable nature of death.

    also, Grumpy Old Men for pretty much the same reasons.

  11. Also snow days should be for reading all strips of Calvin & Hobbes, but especially the snowy ones.

  12. The Full House episode where they get snowed in an airport and Danny falls asleep in the luggage conveyor and he dies of hypothermia.

  13. My family has a tape of the time that the Spice Girls “hosted” TGIF and it was all Christmas episodes and my little sister and I still watch the tape every year. It has the episode of Sabrina where she goes skiing on Mars and almost cheats on Harvey by shaking hands with her hot ski instructor, the episode of Sabrina where she comes down with egotitis and has to learn the true meaning of Christmas/fill in for Santa in order to get her presents, the episode of Boy Meets World where Topanga spends Christmas with Cory’s family and he’s outraged because she tries to impose all her weird holiday traditions on him, and the episode of Teen Angel where a girl comes to chess club and Steve gets a crush on her but then in order to get out of babysitting his sister has Marty turn her Barbie into a real person and then starts dating the Barbie instead. Does anybody remember Teen Angel? I loved that show but the premise was really fucked up.

    • I was just looking up Teen Angel the other day because I couldn’t remember who played the angel. And already I have forgotten.

      • My favorite episode of Teen Angel was the one where people started noticing that Steve was constantly talking to himself and decided he must be on drugs and had an intervention.

      • I just wiki’ed it and apparently it was created by Al Jean pre-Simpsons. I know that must mean something but I don’t even know what.

    • Teen Angel! I don’t remember specifics, but I do remember I loved it.

  14. I love to watch Lord of the Rings and get baked.

  15. I second Gilmore Girls for both Love and War and Snow, as well as Bracebridge Dinner. Quality.

    When my sister and I were little, we watched the crap out of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s “To Grandmother’s House We Go,” because we were convinced that watching it made it snow. (That, as well as eating marshmallows and leaving ice cubes on the front porch.) I wish it still had that power…

  16. I really like watching the Art of Flight because the cinematography is beautiful and the Naked & Famous do the soundtrack. Also, because I am indoors and not snowboarding, just watching someone else do it.

  17. Oh wow guys my choral group is supposed to be singing a Christmas concert tonight, but instead I may be snowed in watching Fargo. Or the original Grinch show.

  18. The X-Files, for some reason.

    Also, Rules of Attraction, anything by Wes Anderson, or something really epic that can take up a crapload of time ie: The Godfather, LOTR, Harry Potter, Band of Brothers. Donezo.

  19. I’m on a Leverage bender. Goddamn I love heists.

  20. The Ice Storm? Just kidding. I’m not that depressed. I’m snowed in with my 7 year old so we’ve watched: A Christmas Story, Home Alone, and Home Alone 2. And lots of Regular Show episodes.

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