It isn’t a snow day in any meaningful sense of the term — we are adults and we have responsibilities, even when it is snowing outside — but it is a snow day in that IT IS SNOWING AND BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE! (IF YOU LIVE EXACTLY WHERE I LIVE, AND PROBABLY OTHER PLACES!) Light a fire in your apartment, boil chocolate candy and mix it with whatever liquid you have, put on all your socks, DO NOT DRIVE A CAR, do whatever you can to celebrate this beautiful day! SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! SNOW SNOW SNOW!

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  1. From inside of my office it looks like the building’s been encased in a giant marshmallow.

  2. TIme for snow angels!

  3. So, we didn’t get the big snowstorm we were supposed to get, and now it’s just freezing cold but everything is all bare and wet and gray, which is even worse than snow. If I have to be cold and miserable, I at least want pretty snow to look at!

  4. We got snow in Chicago, but I am currently in Tampa for work. Mwahahaha.

  5. It has been colder in Tulsa so far this winter than it has been in Boston. The whole city basically shut down over the weekend. What kind of world am I living in?!?

  6. It’s not that cold here today. I think the car said 57 degrees. So I guess I’m jealous, but then I remember that snow is super cold.

  7. high of -1 today in minneapolis, stupid roots being planted here, there are places on this earth where this NEVER HAPPENS

    • I have a friend who just moved from Miami to Buffalo for work, and she’s so enchanted by winter and the snow and thinks it’s wonderful and magical, and I just want to tell her, “Oh, honey. Just wait.”

  8. It is gently snowing here, on top of the other snow left over from the weekend. Because our train system is basically the public transportation equivalent of an incontinent old man with osteoporosis, the snow and extreme cold have slowed things to pretty much a halt and though I left a little earlier than usual for work this morning, not only were the trains running so infrequently that I didn’t get a seat (which is unheard of because I get on almost at the beginning of the line) but I was almost ten minutes late to work because it was sooooo slooooow. Therefore THUMBS DOWN to the snow!

  9. I want it to snow very hard every day, except for next Thursday when I have to fly. Then I would like the weather to be perfectly clear and still and not cold enough for the plane to ice over. Thanks!

  10. Where can I purchase the soundtrack to this film

  11. Here in LA I had to shut the windows last night and put on socks. What is “snow”?

  12. My dog does not have fun in the snow. Instead she lifts her paws, limps, and gives me sad eyes*. I’m not sure why she still doesn’t understand that as soon as she poops, she goes inside.

    I’m kind of glad she hates being outside because I sure as hell don’t want to be out there either.

    *This is after 5 minutes, by the way, so it’s not like I made her walk a mile, barefoot to school or anything.

    • Is it from the salt on the sidewalks? My guy used to make me carry him in Chicago.

      • That probably has a lot to do with it. I think it’s a combination of the cold and the salt. We tried boots, but I think she’s already tolerant enough since she lets us put a coat and hat on her. She was not cool with the boots.

        She’s a greyhound, so we have to bundle her up. Bonus points that she looks adorable, but I sometimes feel the need to explain that we aren’t just dressing her up for fun.

  13. It snowed in Portland too!

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