I know every day can’t be the day where you run joyfully around this spinning nightmare wheel, barking and jumping, looking so cute. But as far as your dumb dog brain knows you’re going to be on the carousel forever, so you might as well try to enjoy it. Right? Right or no? (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. I have been in China for more than a month for school, and right now I’m immersed in the painful nightmare that is writing my major research proposal.
    Thank you for welcoming me back with a corgi on a carousel, Kelly. I needed this. And thank you, corgi on a carousel, for being you.

  2. My dog just opened all of his Christmas presents and is throwing them at our stalker cat and crying.

    • Jeez, Olly, don’t be such a killjoy. Save it for the 35th.

      • The 35th of December is the 25th in Dog Days.

        • I’m going to wrap them up again so he can unwrap them again. He was tossing my stuff aside to get to his stuff. No one likes to unwrap presents more than my dog.

          • I want to have christmas presents for my puppy. He’s going to be 8 months old by then…and my old boy Brady will probably like to open some too. It’s been a while. Even though I don’t believe in Christ, I don’t want to hear any more war on Christmas pieces on the news, so I should do this to support my sanity.

          • I just like watching my kid dig into toys and toss them against the wall and then dig into more toys and sometimes open my stuff and get bored. He’s all tuckered out now. Destructive little scamp.

  3. Meatball is the best name for a Corgi, little inbred heat-sinks that they are.

  4. Some days you run the carousel, some days the carousel runs you.

  5. Ugh, today I am so NOT this corgi on a carousel it’s not even funny. I’m more like if that dog had diarrhea and it flew out of the corgi and off the side of the carousel and landed on a nasty wall or something, I’m that pile of crap.

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