[Ed. Note: Jenny Nelson is a writer, student, and -- most importantly -- Videogum intern. She'll be taking us through this season of Saturday Night Live.]

Check your watches! What year is it? Do you have a watch that says the date on it? Including the year? Go get one, I’ll wait! Okay, now set the time, including the date, and get back to me on what year it says on your brand new watch (you’re welcome)! Because this weekend Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Will Ferrell, and David Koechner were all on Saturday Night Live, and they brought back a recurring sketch last seen in 1998, which means, depending on when you looked at the TV, it could look like anytime between 1995 and earlier this year! What a confusing thing if you’ve been using a late night comedy show to tell the date, but what a treat if you watch it for the laughs, which I assume at least some of you do!

The cold open was great. It’s about The Sound of Music but then there’s a special surprise guest — look who it is! There’s singing and little doll hands and I mostly like this sketch and then surprise guest #2 really hits it out of the park, so great job all around on the cold open, you guys! What a show already.

I found the monologue to be equally enjoyable. The gist of it is that Paul Rudd is excited to, in his third time hosting SNL, finally not be overshadowed by the musical guest, until TWIST it’s One Direction, until TWISTx2 Paul Rudd has a boy band of his own and it’s everyone from Anchorman. (The whole cast!) (Just kidding, it’s just the leading men.) After some initial fighting, everyone joins together to sing “Afternoon Delight,” which is lovely. It’s one of the most magical parts of Anchorman and also of this episode, and you can watch it over here.

I think I speak for the whole Internet (kidding, I would never!) when I say that this next sketch really hit close to home. Paul Rudd as adult male 1D fangirl is very funny. Remember Paul Rudd in Clueless? I think he’s still pretty cute. Also, just wondering, does anyone know off the top of his/her head what the rules are for music licensing in an SNL sketch? Is it that it’s okay to go online if it’s a boy band singing? Or, like, if the sketch was really good? Or…?

The “Diner Divorce” sketch where Paul Rudd and Vanessa Bayer argue but feel better every time they hear Fleetwood Mac’s “I Don’t Want to Know” was very funny to me as well. This is partially because I like Fleetwood Mac but in a way where I think they’re funny, but also there are some good lines in this sketch like, “She’s not a gold-digger she’s a silver miner!” and, “His name’s not Duncan, it’s Dunkin’, like Dunkin’ Donuts, like you say Dunkin’ Donuts but then you stop,” or those are approximations of those lines; I’m paraphrasing because this sketch isn’t anywhere online (that I could find in several minutes of Google searching) since I guess no one else liked it. Woops!

Weekend Update brought back two of my favorite guests, the first being Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy, who had a lot of the same joke to say about the XBOX 360, and then shed some tears about Seth leaving soon. It’s so sad he (Seth) is leaving! I mean, not really, because he’s getting his very own show, but still, you know? We can still be sad.

Also joining Seth was Taran Killam’s Jebediah Atkinson. This time the 1860s newspaper critic reviewed some Christmas specials including A Charlie Brown Christmas. It was really soon to bring back this character who just debuted three weeks ago, and I don’t think it was quite as good as last time, but Taran Killam really gets into this character and had some good lines here, so I could watch a few more of these.

After Update there was a sketch about Michelangelo that was mostly jokes about tiny dicks, real mature you guys, and otherwise nothing special but I’m sharing it because I like Jay Pharoah going, “Man, kill yourself!” a bunch of times in it. Bring him on as a recurring character, just kidding, absolutely do NOT do that.

The “White Christmas” sketch was probably hit or miss I guess? It touched on all the “black movie” tropes but with white people, which mostly made me uncomfortable, but “The Macklemore of movies” was very, very funny. 96% miss and 4% hit, for me at least.

Also hit or miss was the final sketch of the night, “Bill Brasky,” which I think in general people loved if they were fans of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay-era SNL and so were familiar with this recurring sketch from the nineties, but if you weren’t in on that, then you kind of just chuckled to yourself? Or I don’t know.

There was also a handful of other sketches in this episode– a skinny Santa sketch that, no offense, but [fart sound], umm an Al Sharpton sketch in which Kenan couldn’t read right but everything else about the sketch was pretty bad, and then a sketch where Cecily Strong remembers past lovers.

One Direction’s performances were both great. Some of the boys stared straight into the camera and it felt like they were making real eye contact with me and only me! I read somewhere (on the Internet) that people who don’t like One Direction are taking them more seriously now that they saw a performance with a banjo in it, which is ridiculous because the banjo is inherently a very silly instrument, you guys.

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  1. “I know what Zayn’s into and it’s definitely not you”. Paul Rudd4eva.

  2. The portrait in Paul Rudd’s attic must look like Keith Richards by now.

    • He literally has not changed in 15 years, has he? I want what he’s having!

    • I don’t care how many virgins or unicorns he’s bleeding to do his dark magic, Paul Rudd can and will always be able to get it. That scene in Wet Hot American Summer where he tells the blonde girl that she tastes like a burger?

  3. Obviously I am going to comment on this post.
    Like, guys, that was great. I never watch SNL because, as I am an old woman, I’m unable to stay awake past 9:30. But Saturday I drank some coffee at 8pm and stayed up for the whole damn thing. And boy am I glad. I demand that none of the boys ever make eye contact with the camera or with each other again because it’s TOO MUCH. There was a point where Niall raised his eyebrow at the camera, and so far tumblr has failed me on posting a gif of that, but maybe it’s for the best because if I saw that again my eyes would explode and I’d have to go on disability. I also had no less than two people confess a new-found love for 1D to me yesterday. TWO GROWN WOMEN. And my sister said they were “cute.” It’s happening!!!!!
    tl;dr I love One Direction.

    • Yeah and you could probably guarantee I’d show up on this post too. My long-awaited VG comments return to support my fan-sister. I’m on the wrong continent for this, but all the clips I’ve seen are great. You can borrow our boys for a bit, but we want them back unsoiled and in the condition you received them, please. This means you, Kendall.

      • How can anyone resist them when they’re that cute?!? Harry’s glittery boots, Zayn forgetting his lyrics and then laughing about it, Liam’s general swoon-worthy handsomeness, it’s all just too much for my heart.

        • I learned that Zayn is my favorite, but also Harry is also my favorite. I’m pretty sure if I met Harry, I could say “want to make out?” and he would say “yes” – which is key in picking a favorite. Zayn is too shy for that. And isn’t he engaged? I don’t have the time to fuck around with Zayn so I guess Harry is my favorite. He also looks like a frog.

          • I don’t know, Harry is very respectful of women, so he’d probably want to take you on a lovely, thoughtful date and learn about your hopes and dreams before making out with you. I think Niall is the one your looking for with that. He’s Irish, so he’s at least 3 times drunker than everyone else at any given point and seems like he would happily make out with anyone who asked.

          • I agree with cassie, badideajeans. Here is Niall at his nephew’s christening.

            Drunk always always always. And whenever an interviewer asks the boys about who gets the girls, they point to Niall.

          • I just took the Seventeen love match and even they agree I should make out with Harry!

            Your One Direction Love Match is Harry!

          • He was also my lovematch! But my heart belongs to Louis, that little sassy pants.

          • Niall looks like Spencer Pratt. I only want Zayn and Harry and only if Zayn quits smoking. Also, according to Wikipedia…

            Despite Niall’s claims that he is single he has been linked to several girls including Demi Lovato, Lindsey Breedlove (@Lindseybreedlov), and his own cousin!

            His own cousin????? Eww.

          • Also this is a real headline:

            Harry Styles Resurfaces With David Beckham-Inspired Hairstyle After Sleeping for “3 Days”


            He is like a little street urchin!

    • Flanny I just want you to know that recently I was at Target with my sister and we were looking at 1D merch and I found myself explaining to her who all the different guys were and she was like “Why do you know anything about this” and I couldn’t really explain. I still have never heard any of their songs though.

  4. Does it look like Will Farrell got some plastic surgery to anyone else?

  5. you’re inherently a very silly instrument

  6. honestly there was nothing very funny in this episode

    …you all, I’m just being honest

    • Maybe the writers took a break since they knew a bajillion tweens would tune in to see One Direction. I did love the Cecily Strong past lovers sketch.

      • I don’t get why SNL is always overexposing certain players. Suddenly Cecily Strong is everywhere and we barely see Aidy Bryant or Nasim Pedrad. Whenever Pedrad is the focus of a sketch she kills…I don’t know why they just use her as one-second visual punchline most of the time.

        • Like why did that awful Kristin Wiig character dominate the first sketch? When Kate whatsherface is just perfect in every role? And why must Kristin Wiig just mug without ever doing anything else? She’s as bad as Fred Armisen. At least they were easily fast forwarded. I can’t believe there was a time I watched SNL without a DVR.

  7. The Dan Charles sketch was brilliant. The rest was womp womp. It seems like a lot of times, they have like, 14 different ideas for a sketch and throw it all in and see what sticks. So the sketches are a rollercoaster ride of you trying to figure out just what the hell is happening, where the sort of through line is that will get you to expect the next linear idea while still being surprised at how they get to that.

    Having said that, I straight up had a panic attack when One Direction sang “Through the Dark.” You guys! This is a very emotional song, and it was amazing seeing Louis look so proud that they were performing his song. And Zayn messing up his lyric but still looking charming and cute! Ahhhhh! One Direction > most of the sketches. Sorry!

    • that’s one of my favorite songs on the new album! Flanny told me they performed it because she’s on the east coast and I had to wait three whole hours to see it and never have I so regretted living in California. Louis is just so good in that song, his voice is really clear in the chorus and ughhhhh I am having another moment.

      Also, I watched the episode with Tina Fey and Arcade Fire right before the 1D one and as I was watching I was thinking how no one sounds good on SNL. But 1D sounded so good! Just perfection

      • Listen, MAYBE I’m too invested (jk, impossible), but I was legitimately worried because I figured they would do best song ever and story of my life, and their BSE performances have been…weak at best, PLUS how terrible everyone sounds on that stage. I’m also on the west coast and my friend on the east coast just texted me “you’re going to have a heart attack” because Through the Dark is by far my favorite song. Also when Louis and Niall harmonized and they stared at each other *__*

        • I also think that after he messed up Zayn looked at Louis and I’m sure Louis was making a face at him and WHY DIDN’T WE GET TO SEE THAT FACE?!?!?!?

          • I actually shouted “HE’S STARING AT LOUIS.” Actually I lied, my favorite part was when the second verse started and zayn was singing and niall and louis did a little jig in sync.

            Just wondering was there an actual comedy show that went on around these two performances? I legitimately woke up Sunday morning and thought I dreamt it all.

          • When I was thinking about this recap and what I would possibly say or what might possibly get said, I tried to think of something non-1D-related to comment on. And I couldn’t not remember anything else that had happened.

          • I am so jealous of the people in that audience who got to see what I am sure was Louis making fun of Zayn for forgetting his words. They don’t even realize how blessed they are.

          • Whoops, that double negative was a mistake. I wrote that comment while looking at gifs of Zayn singing SO SUE ME.

  8. Paul Rudd is cute and 1D is obviously the best – even though I watched it with my husband who could only sit through part of their performances before fast forwarding (because we are old and have to DVR SNL). I did wonder though if a guy was as cute as Harry but not in 1D and American, would he really be able to walk around high school and not get beat up?

    Jebediah forever! I love him. He reminds me of the Wiig character that was also a movie critic – Aunt something? I also wonder how they decide which clip to put online because the clip posted was from dress rehearsal which is weird because it’s not like it went better at rehearsal than on the show. I’m stuck at home for another snow day which is probably leading to my over thinking of this issue.

  9. If I say “People actually watch the musical performances?”, is that as obnoxious as saying, “People still watch SNL?” jk, 1D 4lyfe.

  10. I want 1D to host.

  11. OMG look at all the One Direction fans you guys.

  12. The Fleetwood Mac sketch isn’t online because that song is approximately a zillion dollars to license.

  13. it is still very strange to me that one direction don’t dance at all, which is something i did not realize until the last time they were on snl because i am a grown man. it’s weird, right? dancing is a big part of being a boy band, i think!

    this episode was p good. paul rudd is the best, obviously. also, um, hellooooo, nasim pedrad in the remembering past boyfriends sketch.

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