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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 Del Preston | Dec 2nd Score:19


Posted in: What Are You Looking At On This Slow SNOOZE Day?
#4 pickpocket | Dec 3rd Score:20
“the” macaroni song? a little presumptuous, guy
Posted in: The Macaroni Song
#3 Superglue | Dec 2nd Score:21
My favorite family Christmas cards are definitely the ones where all the family members are clearly in different places for the photos and also they’re all looking in different directions and also they’re not standing near one another at all and also they look miserable and/or suspicious, and also they’re unrecognizable. It always fills me with the true spirit of the season. I will keep this on my fridge until next year, I’m sure!
Posted in: Merry Christmas From The Kardashians
#2 Dr. Feelgood | Dec 3rd Score:24
“Although the movie company said the clip only played for less than two minutes, Greene said it seemed to last much longer.”

Nice of Greene to say, we get self conscious about this kind of stuff.

Posted in: The Porno Switcheroo Archives: Frozen Movie Theater Porno Blunder
#1 Del Preston | Dec 3rd Score:31
The projectionist probably just accidentally reached for “Motorboat Willie.” Could happen to anyone.
Posted in: The Porno Switcheroo Archives: Frozen Movie Theater Porno Blunder

[Ed. Note: Del Preston! No spoilers, Del Preston, but you also won the caption contest this week. What a week! Congratulations! Also congratulations to the rest of you, but obviously less congratulatory congratulations than those I am giving to Del Preston. And for those of you who didn't even make it in to the top five -- well, let's just say I'M NOT PLEASED. (Just kidding you're all great, love ya, see you on Monday!)]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1 ptsmith_vt | Dec 5th Score:-1
Feminist panties for men include a small vice grip for the balls.
Posted in: I Guess You Might As Well Have The (Insane) Wedding Ceremony That You Want?

[Ed. Note: I can't believe this only got one downvote! We're a very positive community, and I love that about us.]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

[Ed. Note: Congratulations, Del Preston! You earned it.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

80sfraud | Dec 4th Score:18
It’s an acronym just say the three letters.
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  1. The hills are alive with the sound of dance gifs

  2. Whoa, this is like the Monsters’ Ball of my dreams!

  3. I have to grade papers and write my own papers this weekend so I will not be having any fun.

    Think of me, as I was…(dead, from the Benedict/R. Kelly reading earlier in the week.)

  4. Woo, weekend!

    I had hardly any time for the internet this week and missed a lot of stuff. But apparently there’s a huge snow storm coming, and I’m actually kind of glad because I love being all cozied up at home on the weekends while it’s blizzardy out.

  5. lets dance the rest of the day away and please let me forget that i have to work this weekend. boo i know. looking forward to my movieclub late tomorrow night we’re gonna watch remember the night. havent seen die hard either so maybe i’ll watch that too. hey everythings coming up me!

  6. Let’s all be a little bit like Gene Kelly this weekend.

  7. I missed that wedding video with the knights until just now and it made me so glad that I wasn’t invited. Thank you, lunatic and lunatic’s doomed wife, for not even knowing I’m alive!

    Previously this week, I was only glad the Kardashians don’t know I’m alive.

  8. This week was not too shabby, but I’m glad to see it go because now I just have a week and a half of work before I go home for Christmas! Bring on the weekend!!!!

    Now, where’s my wine?

  9. It is cold and snowy out. Everyone stay warm and festive!

  10. I would like to give topknot the Unsung Hero award, for winning last week’s caption contest, even though it was Thanksgiving and there would be no fanfare.

  11. finally validation

  12. Guys, I am so fucking proud to make the ball. I really hoped this would finally be the week but didn’t think it was possible. I felt like I’d established my feminist cred, but considering my ex-girlfriend revoked my feminist card when we broke up, I wondered what would happen if I sarcastically, in a way only obvious if people had paid over-attention to my videogum commentating history, posted anti-feminist comments. Turns out, I finally make it to the ball! Life without my feminist card is great.

  13. Maks Maksimov  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2014 0

    Each of us is a small part of a large nature×1440/

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