• You can now watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s First Promo for the 2014 Golden Globes, if you’d like to. Although you probably already saw it last night, when it aired during the live Sound of Music special? Everybody watched that thing! -Celebuzz
  • Conan auditions for TV commercials. -TeamCoco
  • Keri Russell and her husband got a divorce, which is sad and none of our business, but I do like to take any opportunity to look at Keri Russell and see how beautiful her face is, so. -Dlisted
  • For some reason, no one can really pin down what that accidental sex scene was that all those kids saw in Florida. At first people were saying it was from Nymphomaniac, but now they are saying it was from Dallas Buyers Club. That one makes more sense! -FilmDrunk
  • What’s next for the Cohen Brothers? -/Film
  • Want to watch the trailer for the Colombian adaptation of Breaking Bad? You can! -DeathAndTaxes
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  1. I have a Die Hard bomb to drop on you before you all watch it this weekend because I can’t wait for Thursday. The subtitle commentary insists that Hans Gruber is the protagonist because he advances the plot while John McClane is the hero but he is reacting, not starting things. I really look forward to finally having an outlet to discuss Die Hard next week.

  2. :-( I’m sorry, Keri Russel! You should probably marry me to help you through these tough times. We all need someone to watch Netflix with!

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