Next Thursday, let’s all gather around the fireplace (it’s the holidays, so please feel free to refer to your computer as “the fireplace”), and talk about the movie Die Hard! Which we will have watched alone, in advance! And which I have actually never seen! Sounds perfect. I hope there’s dancing!

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  1. Truly the pinnacle of Reginald VelJohnson’s career of playing cops.

  2. Well, it looks like next Thursday is a good day to…

    …Die Hard.

  3. I really hope Kelly opens her post on Die Hard with “WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PALS!”.

  4. I’ve never seen it either!

    It’s a Christmas movie? (Honest question!)

  5. Just last weekend I watched Die Hard with the subtitle commentary so I have so many cool inside facts to share with you guys! I can’t wait! Hint: look for triangles in the set design and camera movements. Also, the director placed Willis on the left third of the screen a lot to show that he did not have power because first act of the movie is about John McClane looking for help and reacting instead of attacking. Also I recently read the source novel, Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp and it’s awesome. Guys, I’ve been training for this all year.

  6. Die Hard is the most eighties-like eighties movie, even more so than gems like Mannequin. This movie has everything: Alan Rickman using multiple non-British accidents, Bruce Willis not wearing shoes the entire time, Carl Winslow confessing to killing a child…

  7. The best part is realizing just how long ago this movie was by comparing the mom from Parenthood to what she looked like as a much younger person. These are one of those times when you have to stop and remind yourself that the 80′s was THIRTY years ago, and not like 10, tops.

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