How do you do it, man? How do you position yourself to be born into the life where you not only get to be a dog with no knowledge of your own Internet presence or even the presence of the Internet, which is only either frustrating or boring right now, depending on where you look, but also the kind of dog who gets fed treats IN HIS SLEEP? You’re really doing it, buddy. Jealous is forever fan jealous of you. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Don’t show this video to my cat. He’ll be PISSED!

  2. You can tell this video is fresh because they’re watching the Clemson/South Carolina game from this weekend!

  3. Play this video backwards and it’s a touching story of magic dog that can produce bacon out of its mouth and then collapsing with exhaustion.

  4. Heeeessss dreaming, of some brooowwwwnnnn baaacon
    Just like the treat he used to know.

  5. That dog sure took her time eating a snack. I just tried it with my lab mix and he woke up, snacked and went back to bed in all of 10 seconds.

    • Seriously, my dog would have have time left over to crush it up and snort it by the 0:15 mark.

      • Our friends used to have a great dog that would require permission to eat treats. Seriously, they’d leave a pile of Milk Bones on the floor, and when the dog wanted one, she would pick it up and give it to a human, who would then have to take it and give it back to her before she would eat it. My dog at that time would have basically just eaten all the Milk Bones in about 30 seconds.

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