How was your day? I hope it was fine, but even if it wasn’t, you know, tomorrow’s a new day. Right? There is always a tomorrow, unless you die today. Hopefully you can leave work or school, go home, relax a little bit, and prepare to make your tomorrow a little better. Unless you know TOMORROW is going to be your bad day. Then you’re out of luck! Only bad things up ahead, I’m sorry. I wish I could give you a Click remote so you could fast forward until the rough stuff was over, but they aren’t on the market (yet). You can at least take solace in the fact that you are not Jennifer Lawrence, who, I guess, is on the precipice of a backlash? Or something? I don’t know, I try to stay out of everything related to anything these days because WHO HAS THE ENERGY/IMMORTALITY, but I guess Vulture wrote a piece about how Jennifer Lawrence is possibly not all she seems to be, and then something about Twitter and her winning Best Supporting Actress at the New York Film Critics Circle, and blogs are predicting that this is the beginning of the backlash, and what I have to say to all of that is: relax. Why would there be a backlash? She is fine and also she is good at her job. Even if the way she portrays herself to the media is false — well, who cares? It doesn’t matter to us! We don’t know her! She could be a goblin wearing a human suit, but as long as she is still a talented actress who seems nice and charming and isn’t luring us into a false sense of security while she sends in her goblin army to murder us, I think it’s fine? Everything is fine. Worry about yourself. I know it feels like we all need something to talk about all the time, but it’s also fine if we sometimes just relax. Relax. Everyone relax. Relax and tell me how your day was!

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  1. I don’t care if it is a persona…her persona is still 1,000 times cooler than all the other Hollywood personas. Give me Jennifer Lawrence’s persona over Gwyneth Paltrow’s any day.

    • Right? Even if it’s fake, at least she’s smart enough to fake awesome.

    • it really is a great persona. I feel like you kind of need to have one when you’re in the spotlight constantly. It just depends on the one you build up.

    • I think I would actually PREFER a persona. Have you ever met real people? They’re all terrible! I don’t want to watch celebrities and think that they’re just like me! I want them to be BETTER than me!

  2. Today was okay. I was very stressed out about 2 things happening and now they’re both a wash, kind of. I think I’m going to go home and pour myself a stiff drink. Tomorrow will probably be less stressful and I took Friday off, so it’s time to relax a little bit.

    Also today we had an event that was supposed to have food from the place that formerragequitter got that corndog a couple weeks ago and it turns out they didn’t come. There was still some delicious food so I guess I can’t complain too much.

  3. A weird thing has happened to me in the past week or so. People have started asking me for advice! Yesterday I was up all night helping my friend make a dating website profile who was cleary very embarassed of doing so (this is still a super-embarassing thing to a lot of people for absolutely no reason), and then I had to help someone else who was panicking about some stuff involving the police and his possible arrest for something that he did not do and I might even have to make a statement on that. But they came to ME for advice! It’s been happening for a while now! This is very distressing to me; I can barely run my own life! I can’t be responsible for someone else’s decisions!

  4. My day has been ok, a lot better than yesterday. Yesterday I did 4 shots of Jameson because why the eff did I think it would be a good idea to be facebook friends with my ex? Of course I see things I don’t want to. And with that, I am taking a break from facebook for a bit.

    But today is better because Kate Nash and I just got a free pack of makeup brushes, unopened. Tonight I’m playing trivia with friends and having a lovely time. So that’s good then.

    • Being Facebook friends with your ex can be a good thing! I was Facebook friends with my ex for a while, because it made me happy to see that I won the breakup. But then she posted new pictures showing that she lost all of the weight that she put on after we broke up, so I deleted her.

    • Blocking one of my exes for a couple of years still stands as one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health and well-being. It’s right up there with gummy vitamins. Highly recommend, A+, would block again.

  5. My day has been very busy! Getting caught up after a holiday is a pain. But I started working out again and even though I’m incredibly sore, I feel good and non-lazy. And one of my Christmas presents came today and I totally opened it because I DO WHAT I WANT, SANTA. It was fancy makeup, yay! What presents have you gotten for people so far? I got my sister-in-law a really cool gift box thingy full of stuff like fancy candy, a candle, cosy socks, etc, that I know she’ll really like. And my mom and I got my dad an iPad mini, which he’ll be super psyched about.

  6. I actually bothered to read that Vulture article (not recommended) and it is SO DUMB. The basic argument is that Jennifer Lawrence might be putting on an act for the media because she might be, and also because she played a character who did something similar?

    Fun fact: With very little editing, this article could serve as a warning that Christian Bale might actually be a serial killer.

    • I never lied about beating Homeless Randy. I wasn’t even playing Homeless Randy last week! And he already secured a spot in the playoffs! My spot isn’t QUITE secure, but in order for me to NOT make it, I would have to lose to the team in last place and the girl with the 3rd place team would have to lose to the guy in 5th place. So I PROBABLY made it.

  7. Today was pretty decent! Two weeks from today is my last day before Christmas, so I’m just living for that. I also got free lunch today at a “working lunch” for the admin staff where subject was “growing your career in advancement.” And the HR lady kept saying how all the HR people in our field knew each other and she kept on looking RIGHT AT ME! Does she know I’m looking for other work? Should I confess? She’s originally from Michigan, so maybe I should ask her to put in a good word with her HR peers for me? I DUNNO!!!!
    All this little stuff, such as my career, means nothing because yesterday I dropped a load of cash on One Direction tickets in August!!! GAH GAH GAH!!!!! EXCITED!!!! I’m really looking forward to 2014, guys. So much is supposed to happen and all of it is wonderful!

  8. The NBA comes to Mexico City today, so that is pretty pretty good, as I am going to be able to watch Ricky Rubio’s gorgeous passing – awful shooting live.

  9. My day was pretty good, although I wasn’t as productive as I should have been over the long weekend and now have 2 papers to write in addition to papers to grade this weekend, and they are all due by the 13th. Today was my last day of teaching until this summer, and one of my students gave me a hug! It was very exciting. Less exciting was passing out class evaluations. I really hope they didn’t completely savage me. UGH.

    On the plus side, all of this new Sherlock info is coming out and I’m super excited! And I got an invitation to a certain monster’s Teddy Roosevelt themed birthday party today…I wonder who it could be???

  10. Watching a new born all day is rough. The one dog wants to eat her. Shes cute though. I’m going shopping with my mom tomorrow, she’s playing hooky from work so that;ll be fun.

  11. Yesterday was my school Christmas concert and my kids were great, but the autistic kid kept running off the stage to see his parents and it threw everyone off and we had to stop the 12 days of Christmas because nobody could remember where they were because I had to keep stopping to go after this one kid. Although, going by the audience “awww”s and laughs, they seemed to think it was pretty cute. But in my head, I was like “after this stupid concert I don’t have any weird work stuff to remember” totally forgetting that I was to come in early today to cover another teacher. So at 8.15 I log onto facebook to see a message from that teacher letting me know what I’m to be doing with her kids as of 8.30. I’m 45 mins out of town and was still in my housecoat… and then got stuck behind someone doing 50 in an 80 zone the whole way. So I was an hour late.

    Also, my basement is slowly flooding because it’s been raining nonstop and I have those creepy trapdoors that come out in the yard, which are just covered by slats of wood. Not sure why this hasn’t been a problem before?

    Anyway, my day was not great, but also not horrible. I made a new friend!! My second friend in the province!! And we’re getting drinks tomorrow. And things are great with the mister still. My dog, who is scared of everything and won’t let anyone other than me pet her, lets him pet her AND comes when he calls her! It’s love. We’ve been discussing baby names because we’re weirdos. We baked some more bread last weekend, too. This time we did 12 grain baguettes with walnuts and aged goat cheddar and they are AWESOME.

  12. I am in the middle of yet another “vacation” and have had a somewhat weird day! I stayed up late last night drinking wine but then had to wake up early for my fifth phone interview in three days for a potential new job. Then I thought about going back to sleep but instead finally watched the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special at 9:30AM because it seemed like as good a time as any. Then I went to Dunkin Donuts to get a breakfast sandwich but they seemed understaffed and a bunch of people came in and I started feeling like I couldn’t be around humans anymore so I just got a bagel and ran out of there. And then I ate my bagel and got really sleepy and half took a nap/half watched Buffy for a couple of hours.

    When I woke up I had a Facebook message from one of my music teachers asking if there were any songs I wanted to sing in this session of our class, which ends in a few weeks, and I tried to think of a polite way to say “I don’t intend to come to class tonight, not because I can’t but because it is raining and I don’t feel like leaving my apartment, and I also don’t intend to continue taking this class once the session ends so I don’t really give two shits whether I sing anything or not” but I couldn’t come up with anything so I still haven’t messaged him back.

    Also yesterday I got an unsolicited tweet from Willam of Drag Race fame, promoting the new DWV Christmas song, which I guess is a better Willam interaction than the time I went to the Battle of the Seasons and he shoved me! This has been a very strange week so far considering I haven’t really done anything.

    • How did you feel about the 50th? I liked it well enough and the jokes were great, but I am NOT happy with what they’ve done about Gallifrey!

      • Yeah, I agree about the Gallifrey stuff. In the moment it was nice for the Doctor to get out of trouble but I really hate retcon and that was the retcon to end all retcons! But on the other hand, just watching David Tennant and Matt Smith on screen together was so delightful. When David Tennant said “I don’t want to go” I remembered how sad I was when his Doctor regenerated and then I got pre-sad about Matt Smith’s upcoming regeneration.

  13. As I was driving home from the supermarket, a song I like came on the radio. I proceeded to have a mini dance party, forgetting to stop dancing when I hit a red light, with cars at both sides.

    A mere 2 hours later, I’m at the gym, collecting stability balls for my workout. As they were quite big, It took me a full 2 minutes to clumsily pick them out underneath the stairs. As I turn around to head to an exercise room, I see that an entire Bodypump class, comprised of good-looking ladies, has been watching me the whole time.

    A MERE 10 MINUTES later, I wrap up my workout, when a gym employee asked me to return all of the equipment that had been scattered throughout the room. I am only obligated to put back my own stuff, and expressed this to her by saying “Actually, I’m only responsible for my balls.”

    I have now moved into a nice cabin in unincorporated Montana. If you need to reach me, here is my address

  14. GHOST REPORT: I sealed up my attic three weeks ago because it’s uninsulated and the door was quite drafty, and the seal is untouched, and just now there was a weird knocking sound from it! My dog is hiding under the couch and my cat is sitting in front of the door, staring at it without blinking. Uh, this might be the harbinger of my death, you guys. Will keep you posted #ghostwatch2013

  15. I started marathoning Parks and Rec at work and I’m halfway through season 2. It’s pretty good. So that’s my day….

    • I recently started marathoning Arrow on my own, and Leverage with the wife. Homeless Randy suggested Arrow, and someone I can’t remember and who probably isn’t important anyway suggested Leverage. They’re both fun for different reasons!

  16. I only have 3 more panels to knit and about 10 to sew together and I’m finished with my giant giant blanket that I’ve been knitting on and off since 2009. So I went on a yarn bender and got new knitting needles too and I need help. It’s like an addiction. I’ve been looking up new stitch patterns online and am thinking my blanket for my living room might be a simple waffle stitch or something like this…

  17. work was so busy today, good grief. there are so many people! why are there so many people?? i would definitely be okay with a whole mess of people getting the 4400ed away, minus the part where they come back MYSTERIOUSLY. what are the holidays like for you, adult monsters with real jobs? are they everything i always dreamed??

    now i am eating a salmon burrito and continuously refreshing the ups shipment tracker, like that’s going to make these stupid comic books get here faster.

    • It really depends on the kind of real job that you have. I used to greatly enjoy holidays, but this year is basically the first time that I’ve had a job where the work I have to do doesn’t reset at the end of every day. So holidays don’t mean that there’s less for me to do, just that I have less time in which to do it. I DID get to eat a lot of turkey, though, so there’s that at least.

      • It’s been good for my staff, though. Since we work Sunday-Thursday, we only got 1 day off for Thanksgiving when everybody else got two. We could have taken a 2nd day off, but instead I finagled holiday pay for them on a day that they didn’t even have to work, so just basically an extra day of pay on their paycheck. I also demanded that we be changed to work New Years Day instead of New Years Eve. We’re 2nd shift, and now instead of getting regular pay to work until almost midnight on New Years Eve, they get to come in with hangovers the next day and get holiday pay instead.

    • My job doesn’t pay me for days I don’t work, because they don’t get paid for days the kids aren’t here and also I work for shitty people. So the holidays to me just means a paycheck that will be short 5 days since the Xmas/New Year weeks are on the same chq this year.

  18. The last two days I’ve been helping interview for a position on our team at work–a position that I applied and also interviewed for previously, but apparently didn’t get, though no one explicitly followed up to tell me (long, gross story). It’s taken a lot of time during an otherwise busy post-holiday week. And now I’m cycling through genuine inspiration and curdling envy at all the cool professional goals and experiences of our applicants.

    Anyway, we decided on the woman who would get it, and she is super deserving and really smart and all-around great, and I’m for real excited to work with her in the few months remaining before I have a sadness breakdown about my own dead-end position.

  19. My day has been good so far. I slept late, ran to the store to get some Christmas decorations, decorated the tree, went for a short run.

    This is really the calm before the storm of my upcoming 8 day work week. It’s going to blow so hard you guys. I’m doing my last 3 days at the current job and then working the full work week at the new job on Monday. THEN after my 8 day work week I can’t even relax on my first weekend off in over a year because I have to go home and go to a bunch of pre-party and party events for my grandmother’s surprise 75th birthday party. Which is fine and it will be lovely to see everyone in the extended family but DAMN I AM GOING TO LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A ZOMBIE.

    • Happy 75th!! On my friend’s grandma’s 84th birthday, he had to put his dog down. And she asked about it and he said “Oh, it was just old age. He was really really old. (*insert some mental math here*) He was like 84 in dog years.” and then dead silence. Another friend made her mom a card for her 40th that said “You’re halfway to death!” because we had just learned in school that the female life expectancy is 80 in this country, and her mom burst out crying when she read it. I think as long as you avoid either of those situations, birthdays are usually pretty great times.

  20. Yesterday started with making pancakes and ended with a call from preschool that our toddler fell and hit his head on pavement walking back from the playground. Trip to the ER, forehead stitches. But he’s up and ready for school today. Damn tough kid.

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