• Gillian Anderson wearing an eel to raise awareness for overfishing. AHHHHHH! -Dlisted
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is Tumblr’s most reblogged actor of 2013. What an honor something! -Tumblr
  • A Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark television show might be coming to CBS, from Saw writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. GOOD! -Deadline
  • Paul Rudd is hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, with musical guest One Direction, and you can watch the promos now. If you’d like to. As always, there is no pressure! -NBC
  • Last night’s Jeopardy contained a question about the pronunciation of the file format GIF (pronounced how it’s spelled [gif], no matter what any lunatic tells you) and everyone got it right no duh becuase it is 2013 and why was this a question? -Vulture
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  1. People who insist that jif is the “correct” way to pronounce it because the inventor said so make me so damned angry, irrationally so, but they just don’t understand how language frickin works!

    Prescriptivists, in case you were wondering, never invite me to their parties.

  2. Doesn’t “literally” now mean both “the literal meaning” and “figuratively” now? What I am saying is that we can’t control these things you guys. I for one welcome our new gif overlords.

  3. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark will only be good if they get Stephen Gammell to do those fucked up illustrations for it. But then again if they do get him to do those I will probably never ever, never at all, ever, watch that show because I never willingly submit to being scared.

  4. Really happy to know I contributed to the reblogging of numbers 1, 3, 7, 9, and 10 on that Tumblr list.

  5. It’s an acronym just say the three letters.

  6. I don’t know, every Friday, I’ve always exclaimed “tee-jiff!” and my coworkers know exactly what I’m saying.

  7. NOT ENOUGH ONE DIRECTION IN THOSE PROMOS!! (But it’s because they just landed at JFK last night because I know too much.)

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