This commercial for Autoway Tires, a Japanese tire retailer, is being passed around the Internet as the “scariest commercial ever,” which I guess it is, but only because it doesn’t have a lot of competition. (Actually, I’m going to take that back immediately — whatever commercials are the ones where people are having a normal conversation in a car, and then they get into a car accident? Those are the scariest commercials. Man oh man. But, in terms of “horror movie” type of scary, sure, this is the scariest commercial.) I can name one other “scary” commercial, and that is the Rob Zombie-directed Woolite commercial, and that one wasn’t even THAT scary! Which brings me to my question: why aren’t there more scary commercials? Because babies? Listen, if we pulled every great advertising idea “because babies” we’d hardly be able to sell anything, so I refuse to accept that answer. If you want to grab someone’s attention, ya gotta scare ‘em! Have a vampire drink your competitor’s spaghetti sauce, implying that they make it with blood! Have a ghost pop out of a toaster and then say buy Pop Tarts, not ghosts! Throw toilet paper at a monster! LET THIS COMMERCIAL BE THE BEGINNING!

It is a good tire commercial, though. (Via Gawker.)

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  1. I’m too much of a wuss to watch this, so I will accept any and all descriptions of it as the truth.

  2. For some reason this makes me want to have ice cream.

  3. Considering how scared of snow and ice Kelly already is, this must be really terrifying for her!

  4. This is kinda perfect because a tire is just a rubber ring.

  5. Well, that’s the second scariest ice related thing I’ve seen on Videogum.

  6. I knew, I KNEW, it was going to be a jump scare and was totally bracing myself and yet I still jumped.

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