IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER THAN THIS? I can’t believe I’ve lived my whole life so far without, every year, looking forward to sports team holiday videos. What a dummy. I feel like a professional baller would if he missed a gimme two-point blast straight to the hoop! Or, to make it more relevant to the current video: I feel like a professional junior hockey player would if he did a whoopsie slip and landed square in the other team’s score gate. These things are great, is what I’m saying! (Previously.) (Via Metafilter.)

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  1. I unabashedly love that song. It gives me feelings.

  2. Who’s that dork with the glasses? Get off our sports team, nerd!!!! (JK, way to represent.)

  3. This Detroit Pistons one from years back is great and features now Detroit assistant coach Rasheed Wallace!

  4. That was really cute, but now I need to purge that song out of my head. Sorry guys, not my fav Christmas song.


  5. Okay I can’t play it with volume (stupid work, with your rules), but please tell me they sang a jazzy version of I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.

    • It just seems so fitting, what with all the white people and those hats.

      • Sadtown for you = Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” … according to some, it might be better that you can’t listen. (I, however, am one of those obnoxious people who blasts this particular song very loudly when it comes on the radio and I am sitting in rush hour traffic.)

        • Good call, I can’t stand that Mariah Carey song. You know what’s weird. It’s like those otherterrible songs from way back when. You disliked/hated them when they were on the radio, but now you love singing to them due to sheer nostalgia.

          • YES! I hear so many late-90′s pop songs on the radio now that I absolutely HATED when I was in high school/college. Now I enjoy them mainly because they take me back to a time when I was young and had ZERO responsibilities!

    • Oh my god are you not allowed to use headphones? How have you not killed everyone you work with?

  6. These guys are so much more enthusiastic than the Mets!

  7. The Edmonton Oil Kings? You gotta live in Moose Balls, Saskatchewan to even know who the fuck these guys are.

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