I don’t know what this is from or why James Franco is with a puppy, but I do know that it looks like it was cold outside, that James Franco must have been wearing more layers than he’d like you to believe, that he did not want to get caught by the cameraman who caught him, that he was attempting to use the dog for warmth, and that that dog was thinking some thoughts about it! But what were the thoughts that the dog was thinking? THAT’S WHAT YOU HAVE TO TELL ME!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and a wayward glance from a puppy. (Photo via Dlisted.)

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  1. See my vest!

  2. That’s it Sparky the one thing I James Franco have never done, I am going to poop in public

  3. Spring Housebreakers

  4. That dog is definitely going to be leaving a bad review on RateMyObedienceSchoolProfessors

  5. Calllll…the poliiiiiiice…

  6. So the Joker is in Batman vs. Superman and his origin story is that he accidentally strangled a puppy and is super sad and brooding about it?

    • Because purple suit. That was a long way to go for that but I guess I’ll stand by it. Life is too short for regretting unfunny internet comments. YOLO.

  7. It’s not really a dog, it’s a conceptual meditation piece. It’s held together by thought and the Decartes’ rules of philosophy and being. James Franco willed this dog to exist. Sadly, this is also the day where the dog learned of its existence and how its life is dependent upon James Franco and that man’s masturbatory celebrity and MFA fueled abstract mental image exercises.

    • I feel ashamed that I followed this whole thing very logically and thought, “that does sound like a mfa thesis project.”

  8. So good boy.

  9. Just wait until I write my rate my professor review! (hint: you’re not going to be hot)

  10. Great, he’s going to clutch me tightly and tell me all about how he “really feels” about the Spider-Man reboot again because I’m the “only one who understands.” What a psycho.

  11. I was going to write “Man, James Franco really can do anything,” but then I realized that, earlier today, I was wearing a similarly colorful (and probably much, much, much cheaper) suit while holing two pups in public, so I cannot throw any snark stones. Today we are all James Franco.

  12. That puppy is giving someone some serious side eye. Or else he’s pleading for help. Art is hard.

  13. Keeping a keen eye out for fellow nappers so Franco can exact his revenge.

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